A Gift of Yellow Tulips For Vickie

I’ve been having my groceries delivered for the last 3 months. I’ve really missed going through the fresh flowers at the market to make a bouquet.  I tried something new with my last delivery and ordered a bouquet of baby’s breath and one of yellow tulips. I had wanted several hydrangea but I couldn’t order them. Anyway the flowers were lovely when delivered with my groceries. Read More

Red Roses & Baby’s Breath

If you’ve visited before, you know I love fresh flowers. I love making inexpensive bouquets from the 3 for $12 flowers at Publix Supermarket. Today I choose 1 bunch of baby’s breath with a second mix of 3 red roses and a few white alstroemeria. That was 2 bunches for $8 and I have a lovely lacy bouquet for the table. It’s really one of my favorite things.


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Amaryllis & Baby’s Breath

Gypsophila, Baby’s Breath, is a genus of flowering plants in the carnation family. I do love making a bouquet with lots of little white baby’s breath. Luckily Publix, the local supermarket, has a bunch for only $4.  I added one stalk of amaryllis from the yard which has 4 red and white blooms plus a few white alstroemeria. It makes me happy!


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