Sweet Autumn Forest New Printable

As the seasons change and the leaves start to turn, it’s time for sweet autumn dreams.  Splashes of color on the hills and frost on the lawn mean the earth is giving us one last burst of color before the cold darkness of winter. Take a ride in the country and glimpse the wonder of God’s work. The woods are filled with colors, and the animals prepare for winter. A time for Sweet Autumn Forest (16″ x 20″). You know I think this is my favorite graphic that I’ve made. I hope you like it.

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Nature is My Happy Place Autumn Print

Autumn calls to us with the colored leaves and brushes of cold spells. Soon the trees will be bare and winter will come.  It doesn’t matter what season it is, we are surrounded by beauty no matter the time of year. Today’s print is for all the nature lovers and has a colorful image of a fox and flowers. I’m calling it my Autumn Nature print even though it’s beautiful enough for the whole year. Read More