Advent Vignette 2022

I got my first Advent Wreath decades ago. It was a simple metal wreath with faux greenery and four calendar holders marking the four Sundays before Christmas.  Some Advent wreaths have a 5th white candle in the center for Christmas Day. Advent wreaths are an ancient tradition going back as far as Roman times. Today there are various customs according to several liturgical denominations involving the color of the candles and their significance.  On the first Sunday, a candle is lit and a prayer or scripture read. Snuff out the candle. Please don’t blow it out or the hot melted wax might spray. The next Sunday light the first and the second. Have a service and extinguish the candles. I like using LED lights without fear of fire. Each week light in order, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  until the last Sunday there are four candles burning. The candles do not have to burn down but can burn for your remembrance and be extinguished. If you want a Christmas Day candle, the four candles and a fifth white candle all are burning on Christmas.

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Getting Ready for Advent

Sunday, November 29th is the first Sunday of Advent. Many people around the world celebrate the 4 weeks before Christmas in preparation for the Lord’s birth. Celebrations can use an Advent calendar, an Advent wreath, and family prayers. If you use a wreath or buy a calendar each year, continue your tradition.  If you have never celebrated Advent, it doesn’t have to cost money to start a new family tradition. For more information on celebrating Advent see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities .

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Advent Candle Display for 2019

Each year I make a vignette of candles and decor for the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas.  Each Sunday I light candles and say a prayer as I prepare for Christmas Day. Today’s display is built around a votive candle holder shaped like a tree that I found at the thrift store last February. I got it for little $ and put it away for November. Read More

DIY Coastal Art With Aged Frame

Let your inner artist shine and build your own collection of images that speak to you.  


I’m adding more coastal touches to my home – some are small changes while this art print is a huge change for me.  Living in Florida, I’ve had shells on display for over 30 years. I have on display several small Florida art pieces.  Today I am creating my own art based on a classic illustration from John Gould’s 7 volumes of “Birds of Australia” (1848). This book is filled with illustrations of Australia’s birds by John Gould and several of his artists.

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