Vegetarian Quinoa & Black Bean Chili

Whether you’re trying to eat less red meat or are having a vegetarian guest, today’s recipe is a crowd pleaser for fans of spicy chili. Previously I shared The Best Vegetarian Chili with meatless-crumbles and beans. Today’s version is based on healthy quinoa and black beans. It’s another delightful way to enjoy a spicy bowl of comforting chili. Adjust the spices to meet your family’s tastes. Serve with fresh cilantro and shredded cheese, green onion, or a dollop of Greek yogurt. (Greek yogurt contains more protein per serving than sour cream, which is ideal for those trying to build muscle or improve their immune system or bone strength.)

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A Good Diet To Improve Your Immune System

In October I had my annual flu shot. Mid November, I had the latest COVID booster. I slept a lot for several days afterwards. In December, I had the RSV vaccine. Now I’ve been told I should get the new pneumonia vaccine which is highly improved over the old. I want to have these helpful vaccines to try and stay healthy this coming year. I have lots of allergies and almost any illness can lead to a respiratory infection. Most of you have normal immune systems which are amazing. Winter has arrived.  The colder seasons are usually related to an increase in colds and flu. It’s not the temperature that causes illness, but being inside with others that leads to infections.  Today I would like to review ways to improve our immune systems and be healthier this year.

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A Walk To The Lake

I must say I am very tired. I am also bruised. Yes, I am still surrounded by boxes. I don’t mind taking my time unpacking, but I still don’t have my basic cooking equipment unpacked. I am using one large frying pan for everything. I have to find some pots today. Don’t ask me why, but I am craving potato salad, my potato salad not a grocery store’s salad.

Today’s photos were taken during a walk to the lake next to the condos. I hope you enjoy them. First is a view of the courtyard.

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Comfort Spring’s Most Popular Posts in 2023

I’m sorry that I’ve been off line so much, but life is very busy when you move. I am taking a break from unpacking. My apartment has a bed set up, and dressers in the right rooms . We won’t mention the ocean of boxes. I am currently doing laundrey and hanging up the clean clothes in the closet. No more living out of a suitcase for me.

Today we’re reviewing Comfort Spring’s stats for 2023. I had 41 features last year. Many thanks to the link party hosts for their support. In terms of posts with the most visits, I must say I’m not sure how these posts became so popular, but I’m not complaining. The top 10 posts are all over a year old.

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A Cold Day in Lakeland, Florida

We’ve had some cold days here in central Florida as northern weather systems come south. Yes, I know by northern standards, it’s not really cold. To residents of Florida who have adapted to lots of heat, it is cold. Luckily most days we still have deep blue skies and white clouds. Right now I am recovering from an extremely hard day yesterday moving. It was filled with errors from morning ’til night. I’m in my fluffy robe, in a recliner at an Air B & B in Lakeland. I’m not really closed on either property (house nor condo) even though it seemed I signed a thousand documents yesterday. There is a form for final lender approval on buyer of my house that has not been received. Last night I heard it is hoped to be finalized by 2 this afternoon. That was the first error. I won’t go into my tale of woe any further. A truck filled to the brim with my belongings sits ready to come to Lakeland and I am paying for daily rental. My painter who was supposed to start on the condo yesterday afternoon went to his next job and will work on my unit part-time. The cleaner and handy man are waiting for word they will help tomorrow. And I sit.

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Beet Salad With Goat Cheese

Tomorrow all my wordly possessions will be put in a truck. Wednesday there are 2 closings to sell the house and to buy the condo. Needless to say I’m tired. I won’t be online much this week. Thursday will be busy with the new handyman and cleaning lady to help get the condo set up. Friday and Saturday I may be sleeping from exhaustion! I’ll take my time unpacking the many, many boxes.

Today’s recipe is a great fall and winter salad. Tangy beet salad with goat cheese is the perfect starter for a dinner party or a great main salad for a vegetarian meal. The beets top the mixed salad greens with crumbles of goat cheese and candied walnuts with an orange and balsamic vinaigrette. You can serve it on a large platter or make up individual salads.

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Saying Goodbye to My Little Home

Today’s photos are from past posts as I say good-bye to my little house on the west coast of Florida and coastal living. It’s kind of sad, but as I take a new step in life in my new home, it’s also exciting. Next week is the big day, and I am more than ready emotionally to let go of my little house. (I’m moving to a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in Lakeland, Florida. See I Sold My House & Found a Condo for more information.)

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