Healthy Diet: Health Benefits and Risks With Low-Cost, Nutritious Beans

Beans are such a healthy addition to your diet. Because a 1/3 cup of cooked beans  contains around 80 calories, no cholesterol, lots of complex carbohydrates, and little fat, they are a nutritious ingredient in your recipes. They have lots of vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and potassium. Beans are low in sodium and high in fiber which promotes digestive health and relieves constipation. Eating beans may help prevent colon cancer, and reduce blood cholesterol (a leading cause of heart disease). The complex carbs and protein help manage diabetes by releasing a slow, steady source of glucose. This prevents sugar spikes associated with simple carbs. Read More

The Ancient Fruit, Pomegranate, Has Super Food Benefits

The pomegranate is an ancient fruit that has been eaten for thousands of years. Originally from Persia, the pomegranate spread throughout the Mediterranean area in ancient times. Today it is widely cultivated for its beauty as an ornamental shrub and especially for its fruit. The fruit has a tough outer layer and a large center of juicy seeds. Only the seeds and juice from the seeds are edible and are extremely nutritious.
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For A Healthy Body and Mind, Eat Apples

When fall comes, my mind always thinks of apple orchards, cider mills and fresh pressed cider. My sister’s family lives in Michigan and I love to visit toward the end of August. First, Florida is like a steam tent in August and I enjoy a break. Second, Michigan can be hot but it also gets fronts from Canada that lower the temperature to mild. Third, the beginning of September marks the opening of the cider mills.  Offering fresh apples and fresh pressed cold cider, the mills draw crowds to welcome fall. We need to remember that besides the great taste, apples are super healthy for us. Read More

Summer Crop, Okra and Its Health Benefits, Plus An Oven “Fried” Okra Recipe

It’s summer and the season for okra. Here in Florida at this time of year, it’s too hot to grow most produce except for okra. Growing up in the South, I enjoyed okra often. My mother stewed it with tomatoes or rolled it in corn meal and fried it. It was also a basic ingredient in gumbo which was a special treat in my parents’ home. Read More

DIY Easy, All Natural, Potato Elbow and Heel Cream

Staying healthy includes avoiding the chemicals and toxins present in our modern world. Most beauty products are chemical brews that absorbed rapidly through the skin. Simple home beauty treatments are cost-effective and  chemical free. Potato Elbow and Heel Cream is a natural, easy, recipe to remove dead cells and soften your rough elbows and heels. Read More