Kayaking at Kensington Metro Park, Michigan

It’s a beautiful day in Michigan. Let’s go kayaking on Kent Lake.

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Meadowbrook Hall’s Winter Wonderland For Christmas

Meadow Brook Hall is a Tudor revival style mansion located at 350 Estate Drive in Rochester Hills, Michigan. It was built between 1926 and 1929 by the heiress to the Dodge automaker fortune, Matilda Dodge Wilson and her second husband, lumber baron, Alfred Wilson. Each holiday season the mansion is decorated for Christmas. My nephew, James, and his wife, Heather, went to enjoy Meadowbrook’s Winter Wonderland last week. They enjoyed the inside late in the day and then explored the light displays outside. Thanks for sharing James and Heather!

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A Glorious South Florida Sunset

Life is very hectic this week as I try to please both the requirements of selling my house and the actions necessary in buying the condo. Almost daily I review and initial addendums or changes to the condo contract. Yesterday I spent the morning having two inspections of my house for the buyer. I have driven 2 hours each way to Lakeland last Saturday and again Tuesday. Tuesday I attended the inspection of the condo. To say I’m not taking photos is an understatement. Thanks to Beverly for sharing her incredibly colorful sunset. Enjoy!

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Murals Add Charm in Downtown New Port Richey

There are murals on several of the New Port Richey downtown buildings which are fun to explore. Attractive custom wall murals brighten buildings, add historical interest, and create the perfect opportunity for selfies too. My favorite is the one at the corner of Main and Bank Street, entitled, “A 1920’s Day on the Pithlachascotee River,” or “Faces” by Keith Goodson. It uses local people’s faces on the 1920’s characters. That was my first post on a local mural. That mural greets me everytime I drive into downtown New Port Richey on Main Street and cross over the bridge.

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The Hacienda Hotel’s Fun For Spooky October


5621 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652

In the last year, I have written several times about the rehabiliation of the abandoned 1927 hotel, The Hacienda, in New Port Richey, Florida. See Celebrating The Restored Hacienda Hotel for its rehab story. Long neglected, The Hacienda Hotel sat abandoned and boarded up for decades. Like most abandoned buildings it inspired the imagination of everyone with all sorts of urban legends. There are tales of underground tunnels used either by mobsters for rum running or by Joe Kennedy and Gloria Swanson to hide their affair. Reported sightings of physical activity inspired speculation.

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Apple Orchards For Family Fun

Back in 2016 I first wrote about visiting apple orchards in September for family fun.  In 2020 I updated the post with new photos and information. Today’s post again has been updated with new information about apple orchard fall activities.

September is typically the best time to pick apples. Generally they should be harvested between late summer and late October. While different varieties of apples ripen at different times, and the harvest time varies each year, early fall is usually a reliable time for harvesting apples. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where apples grow, you know how wonderful apple orchards and cider mills are. My sister lives in Michigan and after Labor Day, everyone loves to go to the cider mills, apple orchards and farms. If you want to pick your own apples, there are orchards waiting for you. If you just want to buy beautiful fruit and cider, go to the old-time cider mills.

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