How to Have a More Minimalist Style

What is minimalist fashion style?

You’ve probably heard of minimalist interior design, but how about minimalist fashion? Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle: keep it simple! Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colors, eco friendly materials, and even a bare minimum amount of clothing in your closet are key to this style. Remember my favorite approach to almost everything, the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid.

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How To Store Off-Season Clothes

Within the next few months, most of us begin the semi-annual change of clothing.  Spring is rolling around, and that means you’ll be wanting to dress lighter. Living in Florida, I don’t have a big change in attire.  I put my heavier clothes and coats in the back of the closet or in my suitcases.  When I lived up north, I had a much bigger winter wardrobe and had a complete process for my changes. I even changed some home accessories like curtains. You’re putting away the heavy drapes and rolling back the rugs to go back into  storage. Preparing the house to get back into warm weather mode takes some time, just like it takes time to get your home into winter mode. Those winter clothes and boots you got out of storage six months ago need to be put away once again, and that means that you start getting the spring and summer clothes out.


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