End of Summer View of Older Farmington Home

During my recent visit with my sister in Farmington, Michigan, I spent one morning photographing some of the older houses that drew my attention. Today I am sharing a charming  home with shade trees and flowers. I like the landscaping and the warm color of the exterior. The photo below also shows  part of the blue home next door. Read More

White Periwinkle or Vinca, My Gift From God

Back in spring 2014 when I first began landscaping my yard (Spring in My Developing Front Garden), I planted  yellow wildflowers on the side garden next to the sidewalk. In the middle of the summer,  I saw a little white flower on a long stem peeking out in the large mass of yellow wild flowers. It looked like periwinkle (vinca) but it was white. I had seen lots of purple periwinkle and had planted some in the front yard. Read More

In The Garden At The End of June, Kiss N’ Tell Orange Hibiscus

Last fall I planted two beautiful hibiscus, Kiss N’ Tell,  in the front garden planters. They have wonderfully tropical orange petals with deep burgundy centers. The botanical name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. It was sold by Home Depot as part of the Hisbiskiss line. The 6 to 7 inch blooms stand out nicely against the foliage of this shrub. I had hoped the small plants could be in the large container until this fall when I would transplant to the back yard against the fence.

Peach hibiscus, Kiss N' Tell

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In The Garden: White Lily Time

For the last ten days I have been enjoying my white lily time. I mentioned previously during my first two years in my home, I  planted multiple white lilies. The first year only one plant survived the hot Florida summer. The second year none of the new plants survived.  Each year that one lone lily has reproduced, and now I have multiple lilies beside my front porch.



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The First Frangipani Blooms of the Season

Yesterday I was excited to see my first frangipani (plumeria) blooms of the season. I am just slowly learning about this tropical plant. Several years ago when I first started planning my front yard, I attended a plant sale of a local garden club. I bought several plants and as I paid, I was told everyone who purchased today got a free frangipani. Then they handed me what looked like a stick. Read More

Spring Dining Table With April Bouquet

Yesterday I went as usual to the Tasty Tuesday’s farmer’s market. Local vendors who grow produce without chemicals offer seasonal veggies, some fruits, and home crafted items. One particular grower also offers flower bouquets. This week his amaryllis were blooming and I couldn’t resist the beautiful bouquet with double amaryllis.



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