Valentine Fun Treats With Fruit

Next week is Valentine’s Day. Everyone enjoys the day from small children to grandparents. Today let’s discuss ways to provide healthy fruit treats for kids and adults that involve a heart shape. Remember Valentine’s Day treats don’t have to be red.

Cut fruit into heart shapes. Since Valentine’s day falls in February, look at what fruit is available in your area. Several years ago I made brunch for a friend with regular chocolate pancakes and heart-shaped strawberries.  It was a simple meal with a festive Valentine-inspired table.

Strawberries are being harvested in central Florida in February and March as it is a cool weather food. Summer in Florida is way too hot for strawberries. I used a paring knife to remove the stem and notch the top of each strawberry. They are little hearts now.

Cutting hearts also works well with small melons for a multi-colored plate of fruit treats. These little hearts were made with cookie cutters.

A slice of watermelon can make lots of little hearts.

If you don’t have time to cut lots of fruit, start with a heart-shaped dish. Berries are perfect for this with no cutting.

Want a mix of fruit? Add berries, pineapple chunks, cut kiwi, grapes, and/or tangerine segments – whatever is in your local market. You now have a cute snack or dessert for Valentine’s Day.

Start with a plate or bowl and add small pieces of fruit in a heart shape. Simple to do. I like white dishes with colorful blueberries. Place a dollop of whip cream in the center of the heart. I suggest having a bowl of just blueberries and one of whipped cream that everyone can spoon onto their saucers.

Want an alternative to passing out candy valentines to your child’s class? Help your child write heartfelt messages on tangerine skins or decorate them with fun stickers.

Tangerine valentines

I’m wishing you all a fun and tasty Valentine’s Day!

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17 thoughts to “Valentine Fun Treats With Fruit”

  1. I love all these fun Valentine fruit treat ideas. What a fun way to get creative with fruit, while still enjoying a healthy snack. Thank you for sharing

  2. These are all very cute ideas! While I don’t think we have any seasonal fruit available up here this time of year the strawberries are usually on sale and taste so fresh now that they are ripening in your area (and then getting shipped up here I guess) so we eat a lot more strawberries now until we can get some fresh ones at the orchard in June or July.

  3. Such cute ideas! Love the idea of the tangerines for kids . Makes me wish I was closer to some of my special ones, but maybe I will share the idea with their mother or grandmother (my daughter and granddaughter). And I’m going to do one of the heart ones just for us!

  4. Carol, I love this idea! It’s fun and adds color to brighten up Valentine’s Day.
    Visiting today from Will Blog For Comments 24 #13&14

  5. This is a lovely idea. I cut up pieces of fruit for the boys to have with our mini chocolate fountain. It’s such a nice treat!

  6. So many great and easy ideas to use and thanks for the inspiration.
    Thanks so much for participating and sharing at SSPS 296. See you again next week!

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