The Murphy ‘Halls Are Officially Decked!’

As many of you know, I am selling my house and buying a condo. I just have a few Christmas items in the living room to keep me happy, but I won’t be putting up a tree and doing all the decorating I normally do. Right now there are 2 stacks of packed boxes in the living room with more to come. Each stack is as tall as me. Same in the dining room. An inspector came last Monday at 12:45. Last Tuesday an appraisor came at noon. Sigh! I’ll be so happy when this is all over. I move to Lakeland on January 10th. Today’s photos are courtesy of my nephew James up in Michigan. Thank you James!

Before all the decorating festivities, James went for a hike with a friend. I must say this is the sky I remember from Michigan winters. So gray.

The last photo makes up for the gray day. I just love the reflection. James takes such good photos.

Back decades ago, my sister would have a family get-together of carry-out dinner followed by decorating their tree. My sister-in-law would provide homemade cookies and cocoa. The kids enjoyed the food and the decorating. Now grown-up James has a little get-together with his son, son’s girlfriend, and his wife to decorate their tree. His daughter always participated until she got a job in Indiana. Heather, James’ wife, provides cocoa and cookies. This is probably a scene enjoyed by families across the country. Below is the refreshments on the bar in the basement family room where the first Christmas tree goes.

The photos on the wall include 1940’s photos of my father and mother, James’ grandparents, during the war. They were part of a Christmas present from me a decade or so ago. My father was in charge of a shipyard building ships 24/7 after Pearl Harbor. My mother christened a ship which is the large framed photo you only see the bottom of.

Now that the basement tree is done, we’ll look at a few decorations on the shelf before going upstairs.

Upstairs little pops of whimsey brighten the home.

Finally the main event, the living room Christmas tree sits before the window.

Wishing all who celebrate Christmas a blessed holiday. Praying for a peaceful, happy 2024.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

17 thoughts to “The Murphy ‘Halls Are Officially Decked!’”

  1. Please thank James for all these festive photos. Each one is a delight and fun to browse through. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Good luck with all the moving preparations.

  2. Please pass on to James and company how beautiful his photos and home are. Simply lovely.

    And to you, a Merry Christmas! I hope you can find a spot of time to relax from the hectic time of packing and moving to enjoy.

  3. Kudos to James for helping his aunt out with photos for a blog post. You certainly have a lot going on. The reflection photo of his is outstanding. And then the photo of the red barn and waterfall is wonderful.
    I love how his family decorates the house. Nobody here has a basement (and if they did they wish they didn’t) but my relatives in Idaho have basements and put trees down there and up in the living room. I love all the family mementos his family put out also. I can look at other people’s family photos all day long.

    Merry Christmas to you Carol and I hope all the things that remain to be done for you to get your house sold and you into your new condo come to pass.

  4. James’ photos are a treat to look through.
    Thanks to James for this delightful collection.

    Warmest wishes for a joy-filled Christmas! May this holiday season bring you peace, love, and endless moments of happiness with your loved ones. Merry Christmas, Carol!

  5. Moving is especially stressful. I can understand how you don’t have the time to fully decorate and put up a tree. The photos your shared are beautiful. I wish you an easy move and a very Merry Christmas.

  6. I have a question to ask of you Carol. In the picture there is a small ceramic Christmas tree and the beautiful lantern. Could you explain what it is and how to make it or did you just buy it the way it is? My wife is interested on how you did it. Does it have a light inside? We both love it.
    Have a Merry Christmas Carol

    Cruisin Paul

    1. The ceramic tree and lantern are in my nephew’s home and belong to his wife. The ceramic tree is like mine and it comes with the little bulbs and a light inside. I don’t know about the lantern. I’ll ask Heather where she got it. It really is beautiful.

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