Murals Add Charm in Downtown New Port Richey

There are murals on several of the New Port Richey downtown buildings which are fun to explore. Attractive custom wall murals brighten buildings, add historical interest, and create the perfect opportunity for selfies too. My favorite is the one at the corner of Main and Bank Street, entitled, “A 1920’s Day on the Pithlachascotee River,” or “Faces” by Keith Goodson. It uses local people’s faces on the 1920’s characters. That was my first post on a local mural. That mural greets me everytime I drive into downtown New Port Richey on Main Street and cross over the bridge.

All of New Port Richey’s downtown murals are very good. My second favorite is the Marine Life Mural just down the street from Faces.

Located 2 blocks north of Main Street on Grand Boulevard is the mural, Circle of Life by Tamara Gerkin. It depicts early life in1920’s New Port Richey with Mr. and Mrs. William Bissi in 1920’s clothes. The mural is on the north side of the William Bissi & Associates building.

I wasn’t able to find out the name of the artist who painted the the Gator at Little Corona’s Cigar Lounge, but it is a fun painting. It is located on Grand Avenue one block north of Main Street.

Today’s new photo is of the mural, “Welcome to New Port Richey” by Sage Wiley, off of Main Street.

I like it’s joyous colors – that’s Florida!

Public art adds great charm to a community as well as educating on New Port Richey’s local history. On October 24th, New Port Richey celebrated its 99th Birthday. I know 2024 is going to be a time of great celebration of the 100th! There are several more downtown murals I will photograph and share in the next few months.

Thanks for taking a little visit to the city with me.

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30 thoughts to “Murals Add Charm in Downtown New Port Richey”

  1. I just love that more and more communities are turning to murals; they really give each area some life. These are some beautiful and colorful murals.

  2. You found some really beautiful murals. They seem to be exploding all over the place. Tulsa has several nice murals in various parts of town. I think they add to a town’s experience.

  3. Beautiful murals attract tourists. They would attract me. Yours are beautiful. The city where I used to work has added several new murals in the past year and they brighten downtown so much. Alana ramblinwitham

  4. Carol – fantastic murals – hard to decide which one I like best, but I have always admired the “postcard” style of the Welcome to New Port Richey mural! I have been away from blogging for a while, and it is wonderful to catch up with everyone!

  5. Beautiful murals, we have murals in Chemainus BC, worth a visit if you ever to get here.
    I visited you via WW On A Tuesday – One Job
    I linked up this week with = 28. Come and join us at #WordlessWednesday #Photography Wed-Sat. You will find the info under BLOGGING

  6. Wow, what a great collection of murals. My favourites are “Circle of Life” and “Faces” Thanks for joining Monday Murals, welcome Carol, and hope to see you again..

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