Dental Implants Pros & Cons

A good smile makes people approachable and friendly. Problems with your teeth can result in embarrassement and a loss of your smile. When possible, taking good care of your teeth is the single best solution to any dental issues. However, tooth loss can happen, whether it’s due to surgery, an accident, or because the tooth has to be removed. It can feel demoralizing when this happens, until you realize that there are, in fact, solutions, and dental implants are chief among them.

About dental implants

When you lose a tooth, there are a host of different options that you can choose to improve your smile. Most dentists will agree that dental implants are by far more effective than the others. Dental implants for many provide the feeling of having their natural teeth back again. This is because instead of being a removable type of device, such as a dental flipper, dental implants are permanently embedded into the jaw, which then allows a dental crown to take the place of the missing tooth. A shade of crown is chosen that most closely resembles the color of your natural teeth.

Unlike the more common dentures that simply fit into the mouth, they are much more stable in their place, and can both look and feel like the real thing. Just remember it is not a procedure for children. You can’t have dental implants when you’re under the age of 18 since your bones are still growing. Your jaw must fully develop before receiving this type of surgery.

The main vote against dental implants is the cost. Second, it requires surgery to implant the titanium into the jawbone which is also intimidating. The outcome looks normal and lasts much longer than other alternatives. My sister had implants 15 years ago, and she totally forgets they aren’t her teeth.

Fixing the gap

Insecure about a missing tooth? Don’t be. With dental implants, you can get your smile back to looking perfect. One of the biggest benefits of a dental implant is the confidence it can restore after you have lost a tooth. Teeth and mental health are greatly connected, and missing a tooth can make a person much more shy to express themselves as openly as they would before. With the help of a dentist to install dental implants, it can feel just like you have a full set of teeth. If you’re worried about how you might be perceived, then a dental implant is the most discrete way to hide that you have had any work done, and can make it look like you never lost the tooth at all.

Don’t put off getting dental implants

Maybe you need a dental implant, but you are reluctant to get started. The idea of putting titanium in your jaw can be intimadating, but there are excellent reasons to not delay. When you are missing a tooth and have a gap, your teeth will start to shift to fill in that gap. That could cause not only uneven teeth, but teeth that are harder to clean and, in the end, that cost you more to fix. Having the implant in place prevents real teeth from moving.

Dental implants not only improve things for you now, but they can also help you safeguard your future dental health, as well. If you have lost a tooth, then the jawbone beneath it can begin to disappear, being absorbed by the body. Having a dental implant put in place puts a degree of pressure on the jawbone, much like your teeth do so that it doesn’t do that.

Living without a tooth can eventually change how you look, especially if you suffer from bone deterioration. The longer you go, your skin could begin to make your cheeks sag, which will make you look older than you are.

In conclusion

The difference that dental implants can make to your smile, your confidence, and your ability to enjoy life should not be underestimated. If you have lost a tooth or you are at risk of losing one, it’s worth taking the time to talk to your dentist about it. Consider the cost and alternatives in making a choice.

This a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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