15 Free Summer Printables

We’re in July and celebrating the days of summer. What better way to celebrate the season than to spruce up your home with free printables, plan a family night, play games like Bingo, decorate coloring pages, make a summer memory book, or make ice cream cones? Back in May 2019, I wrote this post sharing fun summer printables on the net.

I try to update old posts and check links at least yearly. In the last 4 years, several blog posts shared no longer exist and one that is still there caused my anti-virus software to go into protection mode due to malware. I decided it was time to totally update my post with clean, free summer printables. It’s easier now more than ever to infuse your summer with lively family fun. I love the power of print and have scoured the web to find some of the best printables for your home. The only thing you have to do is choose and download the free printable and decide how to use it.

1.  4 Ice Cream Printables For Summer

4 fun ice cream graphics to use in your home this summer.

4 Ice Cream Printables For Summer

2.  Summer Bingo Cards

Bingo is a fun game for all ages.

Summer Bingo Cards 1


Summer Bingo 2

3. Free Summer Bookmarks

Free Summer Bookmarks

4. Summer Reading Log for Kids

Summer Reading Log for Kids

5. Summer Picnic Checklist

Picnic Checklist

 6. Free Summer Memory Journal Printables

Summer Memory Journal Printables

7. Super Summer Schedule With Daily Themes & Activities

Super Summer Schedule w/Daily Themes & Activity Ideas

8. Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages

Summer Coloring Pages

9. Kids & Family Road Trip Adventure in a Box

Kids & Family Road Trip Adventure

10. Summer Days Printable Decor

Summer Days

11. Free Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

12. 3 Patriotic Printables

3 Patriotic Printables

13. 50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative

50 Ways for Kids to Stay Creative

14. 23 Outdoor Party Games

23 Outdoor Party Games

15. Summer Inspiration Printable

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