Eastern Redbud Blooms

Last month I mentioned that the tree down the street had bloom and I didn’t get the chance to take photos. I first photographed it 2 years ago and asked for help identifying the tree. The owner did not know what kind of tree it is. In February it has pink blossoms for a short while. Some people suggested a fruit tree or almond tree, but the tree makes no fruit or nut. Most people suggested a Redbud tree. I looked it up and found this description:

Cercis canadensis, the eastern redbud, is a large deciduous shrub or small tree, native to eastern North America from southern Michigan south to central Mexico, east to New Mexico.

Most descriptions say it blooms in April, but everything in Florida is earlier. By mid or late April, central Florida is starting the heat of summer. Therefore, I’m calling it an Eastern Redbud. If you know this is incorrect, please let me know. The first week in March I drove by the tree and there were more blooms! I stopped and took a few snaps. Why is it still blooming? I think it’s because there is a second tree growing from its side. That section is in bloom.

I hope you all have a beautiful spring.

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25 thoughts to “Eastern Redbud Blooms”

  1. Love your photos of the redbud tree. They grow wild up here and I always look forward to seeing them bloom. A little early for us though. Have a great day Carol!

  2. The redbud is Oklahoma’s state tree and I love it during the flowering season. Every once in a while we get a treat with snow when the redbuds are in bloom. Talk about beautiful.

    1. There must be lots of redbuds there. Be sure and take photos when they’re in bloom. I’d love to see them. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

    1. You know with all the years I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve never explored Lakeland. I should do that one day.

  3. There’s a Mark Knopfler song called The Redbud Tree but I didn’t know which it was. Beautiful.

  4. It’s a pretty tree. There is one in our neighborhood that blooms like that. It is gorgeous when in bloom but when the blooms fall, it’s like pink snow. We love it. Thanks for sharing at #aclwcc.

  5. I think it is a redbud and I’m a little surprised to see it in Florida. I read online they will do well in the more Northern parts of Florida, liking a little bit of shade (they need full sun here). I loved them so much when I lived in Kansas and Arkansas – they would have a long bloom season. Not so much here in my part of New York State but I still love them. Alana ramblinwitham

  6. The weather has certainly been unusual this winter! Spring comes and goes often here, One day warm the next cold, It does not stay reliably warm until June. I grow my vegetable seeds inside and plant them out side in June and happily I have luck with them. The redbud tree is pretty! We have a flower Bradford pear tree in our backyard–it does not produce fruit and has white buds.that last about 2 weeks.

    1. that’s interesting that it doesn’t produce fruit – I thought all fruit trees tried to make fruit

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