Advent Vignette 2022

I got my first Advent Wreath decades ago. It was a simple metal wreath with faux greenery and four calendar holders marking the four Sundays before Christmas.  Some Advent wreaths have a 5th white candle in the center for Christmas Day. Advent wreaths are an ancient tradition going back as far as Roman times. Today there are various customs according to several liturgical denominations involving the color of the candles and their significance.  On the first Sunday, a candle is lit and a prayer or scripture read. Snuff out the candle. Please don’t blow it out or the hot melted wax might spray. The next Sunday light the first and the second. Have a service and extinguish the candles. I like using LED lights without fear of fire. Each week light in order, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  until the last Sunday there are four candles burning. The candles do not have to burn down but can burn for your remembrance and be extinguished. If you want a Christmas Day candle, the four candles and a fifth white candle all are burning on Christmas.

I no longer have that metal Advent wreath. Each year I make a vignette of candles and decor for the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas.  Each Sunday I light a candle and read scripture and say a prayer as I prepare for Christmas.  You can find more information on celebrating Advent at Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities.  Advent for 2022 begins Sunday November 27th and ends on Friday December 24th. 

This year’s display is built around a vintage mother of pearl vase and faux sparkling fill with blue green poinsettias. Last month I bought the vase on Facebook Marketplace. It is so beautiful. I’ve always love mother-of-pearl. It will be in my living room most of the year empty. For Christmas I found beautiful turquoise flowers with sparkles at Ross for Less. I made the arrangement last Wednesday and lived with it for several days. I decided I would add a thrift store white ceramic Christmas tree with 4 LED lights. I put the vase and tree on a snowflake placemat. I placed 4 votives beside the ceramic tree with 2 on each side. I sprinkled faux snow glitter around the tree and lights. Each Sunday I will turn one light on until all are lit on the 4th Sunday.

I lived with it a day and wanted more color. I put turquoise metal rings around the votives and now they pop! Sometimes I need time to finally get it right.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

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