Neighborhood Skies of Blue

Most days in Florida are sunny days with blue skies with highs from 78 to 90 degrees F depending on the month. We were warned last weekend that a cold front was coming down to Florida on Wednesday. It’s here and for me it’s cold. It’s 51 degrees F. The high is expected to be 69 degrees. Those of you who live up north can laugh and enjoy that comment. I laughed when I first moved to Miami in my 20’s decades ago when the highs would dip. Everyone around me was cold and I’d say this isn’t cold. Three years later I had adapted to hot and often humid weather and I was cold when the temperatures lowered. For the next few days the highs slowly go up each day until we’ll be in the 80’s Saturday. The problem with lower temperatures is how most homes are constructed in Florida. I’ve mentioned before that most homes are CBS – concrete block structures built on a pad of concrete as a foundation. Theoretically concrete never really hardens. I just know that when the temperature goes down there is a cold damp feeling in the house even the temperature in the house is only a few degrees lower. This can make my arthritis ache. Turning on the heat for 5 minutes helps burn it off.

Today I’m celebrating my state’s almost perpetual blue skies with photos from my neighborhood. I hope you enjoy them.

I hope my photos made you smile. I’m wishing you sunny days wherever you are.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

22 thoughts to “Neighborhood Skies of Blue”

    1. I must admit that is what I hate about Michigan – October comes and the sun is hidden by clouds – lots of them.

  1. Beautiful skies! I did not know that about concrete never fully curing. I am always surprised to see homes built of wood and press board here, as we have so much fire danger n Colorado.
    Our skies are always blue too even when we get cold–we have over 300 days of sunshine and since we are high altitude our sun feels really warm. We also have low humidity so the cold does not feel as cold as it did in when we live din NY with high humidity. Enjoy your cooler weather==I am looking forward to snow!

    1. I’ve read of Colorado’s sun and blue skies. I’d still be too cold to live there in the winter I think, but oh I love photos of Colorado!

  2. I love your blue skies and I understand how one’s tolerance changes. When I moved to the Texas Gulf Coast from New Mexico way back when I was much amused when my coworkers bundled up when it got into the 50’s. To me it was short sleeve weather. It took a couple of years and there I was with them.

    1. the Florida joke is a picture of two people – a tourist in shorts and flip flops and a native Floridian in a winter jacket with gloves because it’s 50 degrees!

  3. I didn’t know that concrete stayed damp forever, but it makes sense. I grew up in a “fireproof” apartment building in New York City where winters always seemed so damp. Now I’m thinking the concrete construction only added to it. Who knows? Loved your blue skies and I remember going through the change from “what, everyone is wearing a winter coat when it’s in the 50’s?” to wearing a winter coat when it was in the 50’s in the two years I lived in Tampa. Alana

    1. that was explained to me yes ago when discussing construction of a new building where I worked – it never dries – it looks dry but scientifically it’s not!

    1. well today started off cool but we’re in 70’s this afternoon – that’s Florida – no jacket today!

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