New Fall Vignette

One of the best ways to decorate seasonally is by creating vignettes. I have several spots in my home that I always enjoy styling with simple vignettes. Previously I shared my new sofa and the vignettes on each end table. I’m still slowly developing the area’s style as it is the main focus of the living room.

I wanted to add a coffee table. I look at the Facebook Marketplace frequently for used furniture. I’ve even gone to see a used coffee table that was listed, but it was too big and heavy. My living room is small, and I do not want to add too much. I’ve considered a plain wooden table, no coffee table, 2 small nesting tables, and a storage ottoman. I went to Ross for Less for a quick walk through. It’s the kind of store that new items appear and disappear quickly. I saw a rattan ottoman that I instantly loved. It’s a nice size but visually doesn’t appear large since it is hollow. It was handmade in Indonesia and was only $49.99.

It looks perfect on my rug in front of the sofa. I can see it with a platter on top, a tray, or a round pillow. I can change the look with what’s placed on the ottoman. For fall, I’m using a wooden slab.

I moved the pine cone display from the end table.

I love my new rattan ottoman. It certainly looks like Florida to me.

Future plans include a change to the left end table. I’m looking for something in brown wood. I’ll take my time and get something that appeals to me. Of course sometimes there are bargains in the Marketplace.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

20 thoughts to “New Fall Vignette”

  1. I love your rattan ottoman too! It looks perfect in your living room. I have a small living room too so I know what you mean about finding the right size furniture pieces.

  2. Now I really want a rattan ottoman! Your living room is beautiful Carol. It looks so cozy.
    Our living room is quite small so we have to be careful what we add or it just ends up swallowing the space.
    Thank you for showing us around your lovely home.

    1. I know how hard it is to deal with a small room. I did not use a coffee table with the old arrangement. There really isn’t a lot of space.

    1. it’s so easy to make a mistake in a small space – Donna I always appreciate your kind words and visit

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