7 Hearty Breakfast Dishes

A hearty breakfast is usually made with food found in almost every kitchen. This includes staples such as milk, cheese, and potatoes. Whether you live in a city, on a farm or in the suburbs, they are standard food items on every food shopping list. Perhaps your milk of choice is plant based, but most of us have a milk. A warm cooked breakfast is ideal for the months ahead as the temperatures drop. There are all kinds of tasty ingredients that can work well in a hearty breakfast. Today let’s discuss a few great examples.

I. Home fries

Many people love to add home fries to a cooked breakfast. They can work well as a side or mixed with diced bacon or ham and scrambled egg. Instead of buying frozen home fries, you should consider reviewing how to make home fries. The Inquiring Chef has a great post, Crispy Home Fries, about making the best crispy home fries that are tender on the inside and golden on the outside. All you need is a few ingredients, a skillet, and a bit of time at the stove.  My mother made great home fries for a weekend breakfast when I was a child. Just Jeff’s photo transported me back to childhood.

2. BBQ beans

Baked beans are a popular addition to a UK full English breakfast I’ve been told. They are commonly eaten in a tomato sauce, however it’s possible to spice them up by serving them in a BBQ sauce. How Sweet Eats has a wonderful slow cooker recipe for Saucy, Smoked Baked Beans. This goes well with breakfast meats like sausage and bacon or your evening meal. You can buy BBQ beans in a can or make your own at home. If you are rushed without time to cook a whole breakfast, try baked beans on toast.

3. French toast

Pancakes, waffles, and French toast are often served on weekends or special occasions; they are very popular. The classic recipe for French toast is simple; soak a slice of bread in beaten eggs and milk. Then pan-fry in butter. Last year I shared my variation of brioche French toast with less fat and sugar, Florida French Toast. It’s a healthier way to enjoy your French toast breakfast with a topping of fresh fruits with a little maple syrup.  It’s not really a recipe but just my point of view.  I suggest you use whatever fruit is in season and available in your market.  Berries, bananas,  grapes, orange slices, or melons are a sweet and refreshing way to start your day.  

As for the fat from frying, I suggest browning the toast on each side in little butter or margarine and then bake in the oven until it’s puffy and crisp. If you know someone who cannot eat dairy (i.e. milk, butter, cheese), I once had French toast made with fresh orange juice instead of milk.  It’s quite a departure from the classic French toast but was amazing!

4. Spinach or fresh greens

I love spinach. Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat.  It is a super food loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. Dark leafy greens like spinach are important for skin and hair, bone health, and provide protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. Just do a search for the word spinach and you will see pages of articles  on the health benefits of spinach. Just eating one serving of spinach a day can make your brain 11 years younger.  A diet rich in leafy green vegetables help prevent cognitive decline according to recent research.   It slows the aging process.

Spinach also makes a great morning smoothing. Don’t like spinach? Have you tried baby spinach? It’s great and easy to eat. If you still hate spinach, use your favorite greens. For leafy greens, I occasionally eat kale, collards, or chard but my real favorites are spinach and romaine lettuce.  If I am not in the mood for the smoothie, I can scramble eggs with a handful of spinach. It makes a wonderful salad. I’ve even added it to a stir fry. I’ve posted many recipes calling for sautéed greens – a little olive oil and garlic with spinach, kale, chard, collards. All the greens you can name taste good with olive oil and garlic.  If you want to really raise it a notch, add a couple of shallots, some onions, or leeks. A fine combination of flavors that can start your day with a warm dish, provide a tasty lunch, or even an easy dinner when paired with eggs. See Greens & Eggs for more information.

5. Savory Shakshuka Eggs

For a savory start to your day one morning or even a great lunch, try poached eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions with cumin, paprika and cayenne. Shakshuka’s egg and tomato-based recipe originated in Tunisia but is popular in the Middle East and North Africa. This hearty Middle Eastern delight is cheap to make and very satisfying. Check out the recipe at Savory Shakshuka Eggs.

6. Smoked salmon

You can also enjoy fish for breakfast. Smoked salmon is probably the most popular and versatile fish that you can put on your breakfast plate. It can taste great on toast with cream cheese. Alternatively, you can put it on a muffin with a poached egg on top and drizzle it with hollandaise sauce (a variation of eggs benedict that is sometimes known as eggs royale). Smoked salmon also tastes great mixed in with scrambled egg or even inside an omelet.  

7. Quinoa Bowl

While quinoa is commonly served as a side dish or protein-packed salad ingredient, it’s ideal for breakfast too. (Not familiar with quinoa? Check it out here.) Suitable for both sweet and savory moods and easy to throw together in minutes, breakfast quinoa is pretty much the perfect weekday morning meal. Many people eat it like oatmeal with milk of choice, fruit, and cinnamon. Love and Lemons has a great recipe for Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl.  Cook quinoa in almond milk with a few cinnamon sticks. It’s that simple. You can be creative with fresh fruit or even different spices. 

I hope I’ve inspired you to re-consider a hearty breakfast and try something new!

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9 thoughts to “7 Hearty Breakfast Dishes”

  1. Dear Carol, I really like your breakfast suggestions. The usual Austrian breakfast is a roll with butter and jam or with ham and cheese. Fortunately, on our travels we got to know many different types of breakfast and love to vary them. We like English breakfast with baked beans, hash browns, french toast (I love the idea with the berries and bananas, by the way!), banana pancakes, muesli, porridge with fruit, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen spinach for breakfast (or maybe in India ?). I would like that, but unfortunately my husband doesn’t, it makes him nauseous, he doesn’t like baby spinach either – but he eats chard and, interestingly enough, even “spinach” made from nettles, both of which are good alternatives.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my previous post! At the moment there is only one commemorative posting for our cat Nina in my blog – she went over the rainbow bridge after 19 years together: https://rostrose.blogspot.com/2022/10/abschied-von-nina-und- blogpause.html – maybe you’re interested?
    For the rest, I say goodbye to take a little break from blogging.
    I wish you a wonderful October!
    All the best from Austria,

  2. Suddenly my usual fruit and peanut butter on toast sounds really boring ;>). Actually, I do cook a real breakfast a couple of days a week and while some oof your suggestions are familiar some are great new ideas! (And all are great reminders.) Thanks!

  3. We often have home fries or sweet potato dice with our eggs on Sundays when we usually have a larger breakfast — sometimes separately, sometimes scrambled in with the eggs. And always delicious! Lots of good ideas here. The Florida French toast sounds good right now!

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