My New Sofa & Hurricane Ian

If you are reading this on Tuesday, September 27, I am waiting with all of Florida to see where Hurricane Ian goes. The forecast is updated daily. Monday the prediction was for Ian to slow just west of Tampa, slowly weaken and then move into the Big Bend on Friday morning. Tuesday morning there is a Hurricane Watch for the two counties south of mine with the possibility of Ian landing there. There are always so many models no one really knows. Hurricanes can change course and surprise everyone. No matter where Ian lands, the west coast of Florida will be flooded with storm surge. Storm Surge  is the rise in seawater level caused solely by a storm. On Wednesday & Thursday we will see what Mother Nature does.

My county is under Hurricane Watch. Life-threatening storm surges and hurricane-force winds are expected. Storm surge usually knocks out power as the water rushes inland and impacts transformers. I will probably be off line for a day or two. When I have power for the internet, I’ll post my condition. Please keep Florida and every place in the hurricane’s path in your prayers.

I had planned to do a post this week on my new sofa and a little fall decor. Today is a little peek which I hope you enjoy. Later, I’ll share more. In July I wrote about Modern Tropical Inspiration for my living room. I began to develop a plan for updating the room as I certainly like the description of clean lines, lots of greenery, and a tranquil space. Wanting to refresh my living room, I replaced my futon with a light new sofa not quite as wide as the futon. I have no pets nor children and the light fabric is a good foundation for my pillows in various covers.

I’m starting with my brown pillow with embroidered leaves that I like to use in the autumn. I added a pillow in my reindeer pillow cover. This combination will work well through November. The pale pink chenille throw I bought last year is the background to the pillows to keep my coastal color choices

I bought a macrame wall hanging and hung it on the wall to the right of the sofa. I really like the design and the splash of color on the ends of the cords.

On the right side table, I have a new carved wooden pumpkin. I really like the design on the pumpkin. I added my Fall conch shell filled with flowers I made 2 years ago.

In front of the vignette is a simple pine cone display. In Florida, fall to me is pine cones and sand. Florida pine trees were the wood of choice for many when they settled the Florida peninsula. Our soil here in central Florida is mostly sand. There is sand everywhere. I filled a glass vase with stone and placed a large pine cone in the center of the stones. I added a few small shells. This pine cone display is really a good representation of fall here.

I bought a large vase at Ross for Less and filled it with natural fillers that complement my room and the season. I love adding deeper colors and more texture in the fall. The vase works well with the coastal wall art.

In front of the table with the vase is a basket of houseplants.

Say a little prayer for everyone in the path of Ian. Until we talk again,


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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

19 thoughts to “My New Sofa & Hurricane Ian”

  1. Oh gosh! I hope you stay safe with the hurricane. It sounds very scary. We have high winds and lots of rain now and again here but nothing as bad as you.
    Your living room is gorgeous. I love your new sofa. x

    1. Thanks for the kind words Kim. They’re now saying about 10 PM tomorrow the hurricane MAY land south of Tampa. Bad for them and good for me. Rain should start this evening as the outer bands of the storm start coming up to us.

  2. Your new sofa and decorative touches are super! I liked them a whole lot. I will be thinking of you with Ian, and hope it heads out to sea. I haven’t seen any news today. Stay safe! I’ll be back to check to see if all went well.

    1. Checking in again, just letting you know I am still thinking of you. Ian needs to get away from all you good people. Hope he stops pitching and disappears fast.

      1. He is literally crawling – nothing fast at all. He’s been landing over 3 hours further south. The storm is really big – 40 miles in the eye of the hurricane and is moving really slow.

  3. I love your sofa, although in my house it would stay white about five minutes and soon have the remnants of a black and white cat! Your vignettes are beautiful and it looks like you were really doing just what you want with your home — and it’s all lovely. I hope it stays intact and that YOU stay intact during the hurricane. I’m not sure quite where you are located but you will have my prayers and good wishes.

    1. If I were lucky enough to have a cat w/o stopping my breathing, I would not have this sofa! I’d rather have the cat for sure. I had one once in the 1970’s. I still miss him. Morris was a funny little guy. I live in the county above Pinellas (think St Pete at the southern end and Clearwater in the middle.) Part of Hillsboro county (Tampa) touches my county. Pasco has no big cities and is right on the Gulf. Right now I’m watching the hurricane news on TV and it’s going to land further south. Pasco is expecting storm surge of 4 to 6 feet. Tampa is expected to have 6 to 8 feet and poor Sarasota up to 10 or 12 feet. We’re under hurricane watch not warming and flood watch.

  4. I am saying a little prayer for you and everyone else I know in Florida. I have cousins in Tampa, Orlando, Pinellas County, a friend near Orlando, and my husband has family in Palm Beach County. As of right now looks like Punta Gorda is going to get it one of the worst, and I know two people who live there. Hoping you all can stay safe.

    1. thanks Alana. They’re saying right now the storm will land later today down the southwest coast – Fort Myers? Sarasota? – predicting below Tampa – then storm will travel northwest by Tampa, Orlando, may be even Daytona

  5. I woke up thinking of you this morning and wanted to let you know I am praying for you. I hope and pray this storm passes with minimal damage to our beautiful state. Take care of yourself. I’ll check your blog for updates later. We have light rain and wind this morning here in Ocala. Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Prayers for you too. On the news they show the storm landing south on the coast and then moving northwest inland going by Tampa, Orlando – maybe Daytona? If it comes to Orlando you get more rain and wind. I’m praying for all of us.

      hugs to you Diane

  6. I am so happy to hear that you made it through the storm okay. I love your new sofa. I want a light sofa too, but my husband is afraid of it. I would love to have one that is slip covered.
    Your room looks amazing. I love the pillows. Great job.

    1. thanks Clearissa – I’m glad I had it easy again. I looked at slip covered sofas but they were a lot more money. Maybe in the future.

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