3 Tips to Protect Your Home Before Winter

Most of us have had a strange summer with unusual weather. What will happen this winter is anyone’s guess. For the last few years, here in central Florida, the summers are much hotter and the winters are colder. This month fall begins, and in the next few months temperatures will lower in most areas. Before winter snow and ice hits your home, you have time to quickly evaluate your home’s protection against the elements. Our homes are probably the most significant investments most of us make in our lives. Many of us have monthly mortgage payments. If you’re like me, you also know your house is your biggest debt as well as asset. Take time this month to inspect your home’s exterior for potential problems this winter. Snow storms are not the time to make repairs.

Here are 3 tips to protect your home before deep freezes hit.

Make sure your home is painted

Making sure your home is properly painted is one of the most crucial things you can do to safeguard it. Spruce has an informative article, 10 Common Exterior Paint Problems. It offers ways to handle each problem. Many of the problems stem from poor preparation and application of paint. Removal of the old paint and re-painting is usually necessary. If the siding, wood, or stucco are exposed, you can have permanent damage.

Think of cladding your home

Cladding is a viable option to consider if you want to give your home an additional layer of protection. Different cladding materials offer varying degrees of protection, but UPVC cladding is the most resilient. This kind of cladding can assist shield your home from harm from hailstones and other objects that are thrown against it by strong winds. Additionally, it shields the paint job from potential UV light damage. 

Cladding also aids in insulating your property, which is an added benefit. When it’s freezing outside, warm air is kept in, and when it’s hot outside, cool air is kept in. By doing this, you may be able to reduce how much energy you need for heating and cooling. Protecting your property from the weather does not have to be expensive, and whatever investment you do make will be worthwhile in the long run.

Take care of your roof

It takes a lot of work to replace a roof. You should have been inspecting your roof at least yearly for damaged or missing shingles or tiles. Taking care of small problems can prevent a huge problem. Making it endure is essential here. A lot of roofs are not properly maintained and during the hardest winter season, you can have a leak. Like outstanding roofing materials, good roofing maintenance may make all the difference. If you have both, you may rest easy knowing that your house is always safe.

I hope this little reminder helps you prepare for winter. If you have never done a maintenance check on your home, see Fall Maintenance Checklist for more information. Thanks for stopping by.

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