The Many Colors of Tropical Hibiscus

Living in semi-tropical central Florida with the hot, humid summer requires tropical plants in the garden. Tropical hibiscus are favorites in my area. I see them planted nearly everywhere. They are planted by the pharmacy drive-through, by the windows at fast food restaurants, by libraries and city hall. Today I’m sharing hibiscus photos from past posts.

The lovely single hibiscus above and below are by a doctor’s office. I love the deep color of the center.

My pink hibiscus was one of the first plants I bought for my garden back in 2016. It was a tiny bush grown in a small plastic recycled container from the drug store. I bought it for $2 at a garden club sale. It’s still alive but looking tired.

I added a pink hibiscus to a bouquet I made.

Pink hibiscus in Red & Pink Bouquet

This beauty below at a garden center is called Snow Queen. I love the colors. The garden center had so many beautiful hibiscus.

Most of my hibiscus bushes are just plain colors. Years ago I did pay a premium price for a beauty called Kiss N Tell hibiscus. I bought 2 bushes and loved them. Unfortunately I planted them by the back fence. I’ve wasted lots of money trying to plant various plants by the fence for several years, but they all died. I leave that area empty now.


I do have a small peach double hibiscus bush.

Last year I made a spring centerpiece of peach hibiscus in an aqua bowl.

Spring Centerpiece

I also did a mix of peach double hibiscus with white periwinkle (vinca).

Peach Double Hibiscus & Periwinkle

I have a beautiful single yellow hibiscus with large flowers.

Yellow Hibiscus

I dearly love red hibiscus. The single hibiscus flower below is from Eureka Springs Conservation Park.

I have several red hibiscus bushes. One has large single hibiscus flowers.

Another bush has both single hibiscus and rufflely double red hibiscus. (Double hibiscus flowers have layers of petals creating a ruffled appearance.)

I hope you enjoyed the many colors of hibiscus I’ve shared. There are even more beautiful species out there waiting to be discovered.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

23 thoughts to “The Many Colors of Tropical Hibiscus”

  1. Your Hibiscus flowers are fantastic. The variety of colors and shapes are a wealth of beauty. I have always liked Hibiscus plants. It may be because of my early years living in Southern California. I do have one hibiscus that likes where it is planted and it is blooming at this time. Thank you for your lovely blog.

    1. One hibiscus can give you great joy – I hope your drought ends soon. Thank you for your kind comments and visit. I hope to talk to you again soon Mary.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful — they show these stunning flowers perfectly!!! But you’re making me homesick!! I love Florida hibiscis — we sure don’t see them here in Oregon. (It’s getting so much hotter here, who knows maybe they’ll start to grow here too. but I hope not — they belong in Florida and other subtropical places! ) Thanks for the memories~!

    1. I hope you’re coming back this winter. You’ll see plenty of hibiscus. You have the best of 2 worlds although climate change blurs summer a little. Enjoy Oregon and Florida will wait for you to return.

  3. Carol – this is amazing. All the colors. An infinite variety. Would you like the job of naming new colors? I loved the pink hibiscus in the red and pink bouquet. The Snow Queen is a jaw-dropper! But the best is the peach double hibiscus and periwinkle – it made me ravenous for orange sherbet! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Angie I would LOVE the job of naming new colors, wouldn’t you? It’s fun to make little bowls of hibiscus and add a few small periwinkle. It only lasts a day as hibiscus blooms only open for about 24 hours. I’m so glad you enjoyed my mosaics.

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