8 Ways to Make Your Garden Relaxing

This summer has been incredibly hot for many of us.  The weather has been extreme in many locations. I’m praying that when fall comes, we’ll all have cooler temperatures and rain in the dry areas. It’s the rainy season in Florida, and we’ve had rain luckily. With the heat index in the 100’s F and 92% humidity, I don’t spend much time outside right now. I’m thinking of cooler weather when relaxing in the garden is a perfect end to the day. Unfortunately, sometimes our gardens are not as relaxing as we would like them to be. If your yard is cluttered with outdoor structures, furniture, and children’s play equipment then it’s harder to relax. The backyard is a versatile space that can tantalize you with beautiful images and invite you to spend time out there. Here are a few ideas to create your garden sanctuary.

I. Rethink Your Yard

The first step is to rethink your yard by clearing out the clutter, cutting back the hedges, and putting the play equipment in a designated area. Make a space for the kids to relax or play. Taking all of these items out of the area for you immediately makes it feel more tranquil and relaxing, just as it does when you do the same thing in your home.

Starting with a clean slate also makes it easier for you to imagine what your garden would look like in the future. Then plan the adult space to make it perfect for you. It lets you better plan the space whether you want to use it for reading, yoga, or dining with guests. Outdoor living spaces have as much potential as your imagination allows. Many people transform even small spaces into incredible places where they can enjoy their lives.

II. Add Comfortable Seating

Studies have shown that simply looking at green spaces helps us to relax and has positive outcomes for mental health. So why not turn your garden into a cool and calm sanctuary for the body and soul. Adding comfortable seating to your garden is such a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference to how you feel. Today’s modern outdoor furniture is nearly as comfortable as that which you would find inside your house. Simple shapes and a limited color palette can make a tiny garden a calm hideaway. You can get armchairs, sofas, and chaise-lounges. You can also get inexpensive shading options, such as an umbrella or pergola, to prevent the sun from burning you while you enjoy an afternoon outside on the patio. See Ideas for a Backyard Shady Spot for inspiration.

III. Add The Right Landscaping

How you landscape your garden can make a big difference in how relaxing it feels. Carefully planning and selecting plants and patio areas can make a big difference to your mood and help you treat your garden as more of a vacation spot. For example, you could do turn a patch of your garden into a space that reminds you of a trip from the past. Perhaps you spent the summer hanging out in Maui, or maybe you want somewhere that reminds you of the Maldives. 

Add plants from tropical regions you visited in the past. Sometimes perennials will still survive in temperate climates if you look after them properly. Most tropical plants cannot survive a heavy frost and must be brought into the house in the fall. If that is not feasible, look for plants for your climate that give you the tropical feeling. I am always photographing my tropical hibiscus here in Florida. There are hardy hibiscus in the North which die back to the ground after the first freeze. Once warm weather returns in the spring they pop up out of the ground. If you need help, get a professional landscape designer to make suggestions on how you can transform your garden into the place of your dreams.

Create a private garden room with pavers and gravel
Photo The Spruce

IV. Take Advantage of a Beautiful View

Another option is to build your garden around a visible view. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful spot, remove any trees and hedges that block the view. Your landscaping should blend or frame the scene not compete with it. Also, get rid of any large furniture that dominates the area. Instead, just focus on adding seating that makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you don’t have a beautiful view, create one with lush layers of greens and perhaps a colorful bush, water feature or garden art as the star of the view.

V. Make Your Patio More Inviting

Another option is to make your patio or deck more inviting. You want the space to beckon you to come and have fun. In the evenings cook, eat, and relax with family and friends. Have a private oasis you can share with others.

 Add soft flooring, seating and umbrellas. If you want to spend more time alone, put down blankets, pillows, hammocks, and flower pots. Make the place feel cozy so that you can read, hang out, or practice yoga. 

Photo Pixabay

VI. Add A Pool

Adding a pool is perhaps one of the best ways to make your garden feel more relaxing, particularly as temperatures skyrocket in the summer months. Water temperatures remain considerably lower, even as air temperatures rocket. Today, getting fibreglass pools installed is incredibly easy. There are all sorts of inexpensive options out there making it affordable for even people on average incomes to enjoy the benefits of their own garden pools. 

Pools are great for relaxing in the mornings, but they are also good for creating welcoming party vibes. People automatically feel more welcome when they are cooling off in the water, and sipping a cocktail. 

VII. Add Privacy

It’s hard to relax in your back garden when you feel like you don’t have any privacy. Neighbors constantly watching what you’re doing isn’t a lot of fun.  Privacy is relaxing because you can be yourself and don’t have to worry about what other people are doing or thinking.  That’s why many homeowners are now adding fences, hedges, curtains, and screens to their gardens to keep prying eyes out.

Photo Amazon

They’re also adding plantings of bushes or tall evergreen trees that slowly occlude views over time.

Photo BHG

VIII. Add A Water Feature

The sound of running water is magical. It’s also extremely relaxing and tranquil. Adding a water feature to your garden is surprisingly easy with many fountains of all sizes available. There are many fountains that are solar-powered, producing a trickle of water whenever the solar-charged battery has enough power to run the pump. If you want something a little more elaborate, you’ll need to connect it to an electric source. The sound of trickling water adds another dimension to your environment.

Photo Wayfair

Thanks for visiting. Hope I’ve inspired you with visions of your updated garden.

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.
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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

4 thoughts to “8 Ways to Make Your Garden Relaxing”

  1. We have had a bit of a heatwave over the past week. It was 104°F, the hottest it’s ever been here. Eek! I realised that I couldn’t live in it for longer than a couple of days without air conditioning.
    It has been lovely spending time in my garden over the last couple of days, now that it is cooler but there is work to do. Great advice.

  2. All these photos are so inviting! While I do enjoy our patio and deck, I rarely hang out in our yard or garden. We’re in the midst of a drought right now and our grass is so brown and crunchy that it’s not very inviting.

    1. that is so sad and I’m afraid you’re not alone – the weather this spring and summer is terrible – wishing you a good rain and cooler winds.

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