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I ‘ve been looking at my blog posts and doing a little maintenance on the blog for the last month. Those of you who follow and come by frequently know that I’ve had lots of trouble with my old newsletter plug-in. I am now doing the things in a new way which I hope will be more successful in staying in contact with you.

I must admit I’ve been also reviewing my home and trying to make small changes that make it more functional for me too. My goal is to have an organized, functional, safe, easy to maintain home that is restful, cozy, and pleasing to the eye. As I have been reading my old posts on home, I’m amazed about how often I write about it. You probably can tell that home is an important subject to me as I have been thinking and writing about home a lot since the major events of 2020. Being restricted made home even more special I think for all of us. Today I’ll do a small review of ideas and home changes that I’ve shared.

Home Maintenance

I moved into my home 12 years ago. It was a cute little house, and I knew I’d be happy here. Each year there are projects to accomplish; some are small changes while others are planned major replacements. Many are the usual small maintenance tasks that all homeowners face. I see the paint on the walls in high traffic areas has begun to exhibit signs of wear and tear even though I have done touch-ups periodically. Paint touch-up is on my list of actions for my home again soon.

Things can degrade gradually without you noticing them, or it could be a small change that has a tremendous impact. In 2017, I shared  Fall Maintenance Tips & Checklist with a printable checklist of actions to prepare your home for winter. Then in 2018, I wrote Spring Home Maintenance Checklist. Spring is the time when you repair any winter damage to your home and get it ready for the summer.  We all know lots of little things to do in the house and garden as seasons change.

Consider Safety and Efficiency

You should make a list of major replacements estimates for about the next five years. You can then evaluate the life expectancy of the roof, HVAC, windows and doors and appliances. I try to budget around big ticket items. It’s hard. Three years ago I got a new roof in February. I did not wait for it to get a big leak during our hot, wet summer season. The next year I got new tile floors in 95% of the house. Last year I got a new central air conditioner with heat. This year I’m replacing the sliding doors in the dining area. This morning my maintenance guy and I went to Lowe’s and bought new sliding doors. They are not only attractive but more importantly, safer and more efficient. The tempered glass is doubled to prevent loss of heat or cold air. That’s what I need. My old plain glass doors are from original construction in 1979! Plain glass and lots of cold/heat loss is my current situation. My handyman and his assistant will pick up the new door in the next few days and deliver it to my home. He is cheaper than Lowe’s delivery charge by 29 dollars. I try to stay on budget. When it’s all complete, I’ll do a post with photos of before and after. Below is a photo of the new type of doors I am getting.

Photo Lowes


I’ve written about a few renovations in the homes. I had fun writing a post on how to redo the basement. The majority of Florida homes do not have a basement and are built on a concrete slab. A nice basement is something I miss from my home in Michigan, a beautiful finished basement. The first owner of that home finished the basement with knotty pine walls. If you visited me last year, you may remember the post about my childhood love of knotty pine. It’s still there in my heart. It makes me feel safe and cozy. I kept a dehumidifier going to keep the humidity down in the basement and had throws on all the furniture. I’d hear a tornado siren go off, and I’d go downstairs to the basement family room. I’d sit in my comfy chair with my throw and watch an old movie on the TV. I felt safe and happy.

Another major project is installing or changing a fence around your home. When you live in a neighborhood of small houses with small yards, fences are very, very common for privacy. I have been doing maintenance on my old wooden fence about every 2 years replacing slats or posts as needed. My dream fence is a white vinyl fence that looks like wood. It doesn’t rust and rot and looks so beautiful. It’s a fantasy and I’ll probably never have it. My neighbor behind me put a new white vinyl fence around her house 3 years ago for over $10,000. I hate to think how much it is now. More practical items vital to my home always come first. It’s a good idea to regularly check that your fence and gates are operating properly by walking around your home. Make sure locks are reliable and secure. If your budget allows, you can easily replace your fence with something stronger and more substantial. Check with a reputable fence company in your area like https://texasstatefence.com/. As experts they should give you a free quote, offer you professional advice, and help with design suggestions.

Photo Lowes

In conclusion

Thanks for visiting me today. I mainly wanted to share the update on my home. For your home, the important thing to remember is that you need to periodically look over your house, note conditions, and make a plan. Remember the old Chinese proverb:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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