How to Prevent Home Maintenance Surprises

Regular Inspections

Whether you’re a new home owner or a veteran of many years, everyone should plan for care of thei homes. No one wants to lose their heat in winter or the air conditioner in hot August. Several years ago I did several posts on spring tasks and fall tasks for your home. Everything can wear out over time. It’s so important to set aside money each month for home repairs and maintenance. Different systems and appliances need regular inspections to keep them functioning properly. Whether you want to upgrade your home or to maintain it, let’s discuss important home systems to prevent surprises.

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You have to plan for this because a new roof can cost thousands. Any homeowner can check on the roof every so often. You need to look for any missing or loose shingles, and discolored areas that might have moved. For more information on checking your roof, see Spring Home Maintenance Checklist. A residential roofing company can always help. It’s also a good idea to inspect the attic and check for any signs of a leak, such as damp patches on the ceilings and walls. I had yearly roof inspections by my roofer to help me plan for my replacement. We completed it in February last year when it was off-season for air conditioning.


This is one of the major concerns for any homeowner because of the inconvenience and the cost of a leak. When you are trying to look for the signs of any leaks, you have to remember that if there’s anything buried deep within the property behind the walls, you always need to go for a licensed plumber so they can check if there are any major issues. You can always look for leaks in the kitchen and bathroom by wrapping paper towels around pipes and checking for any wet spots. It’s also worth investing in any mold or water monitoring sensors that can alert you if there are any problems. 

Water Heater

Replacing a wall water heater can be very expensive, and if you notice the heated water isn’t clear, you need to get it checked out. Depending on the type of tank you have, whether it’s a tankless or traditional tank, you may need to check the pressure valve according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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If you’ve got a fireplace, you need to check your chimney on an annual basis, but the best approach is to contact a professional. Chimney specialists always work to clean the structure to remove any built-up creosote and could add caulk to prevent any future leaks. 

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This is another major thing that you need to check. Any wooden structure should have a termite protection plan. Most plans with local pest control companies have regular inspections. A professional inspects around the home for any tell-tale signs of termite damage and installs certain deterrents to make the home less attractive to them. 

It’s important to get into that regular inspection mindset. This is one of the best ways to prevent problems. We have to remember that any small problems can potentially become bigger ones if we are careful. Preventing is always key and if you are looking to save money on the upkeep and repair of your home, these are the best ways to do it.

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