My Favorite Flowers & Nature Photos From 2021

Monday we looked at the top posts of 2021 in terms of visitors and link party features.  At the end of the first year of my little blog, I did a post of my favorite flowers from the year before.  I included flowers in the garden or in a bouquet.  If you’ve visited me before you probably know flowers are one of my great loves.  Several years ago I also included a few nature shots, another great love. Today’s post is some of my favorites photos of flowers and nature  from 2021.  I hope I included some of yours too.

I have to admit many of my favorite nature shots this year were gifts from my nephews.  Last summer James and his wife Heather flew to Las Vegas and then drove to see the sights including Valley of FireDesert View Watchtower, Grand CanyonRed Rock Canyon, Nevada, and so much more.  I always love James photos as he has a great eye for composition.  It’s really hard to choose just a few as they are all so beautiful.  Here’s a couple:




Valley of Fire



Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon





Sunset in the Grand Canyon



In the fall my nephew Robert and his wife Lisa go up to north Michigan to enjoy the fall foliage and celebrate their anniversary.  Here is photo from this year’s trip,



Sunrise Saint Ignace, Michigan




Now let’s start with red begonias and a gnome from last January. I love having flowering houseplants in the winter.  The begonias lasted for several months.



A Red Begonia & A Gnome




I also enjoy occasionally buying bouquets for the table.





Roses & A Stone Bird



In the spring, my favorite season, I discovered this gorgeous tree a few blocks from my home. I’m already planning to visit there again this spring. I wish I could find one for my home.




Spring White Blossoms



Then amaryllis around the tree bloomed too.




Snowy Blossoms & Amaryllis



Florida has so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.



Morning Sky





Create An Easter Candy Centerpiece





In late March I bought a little potted azalea bush for the table.



A Pig & Azalea



I like trying to find a different way to display my hibiscus flowers.



Spring Peach & Aqua Centerpiece



My spring amaryllis and gardenias always make me happy.




My Amaryllis Blooms




Amaryllis & Rosemary




Gardenia Flower





Gardenia Bush Blossoms



Last Amaryllis & A Bunny





Memorial Day Surprise




I must thank Heather for sharing another year of photos from her garden in Michigan.



Heather’s Garden June 2021




African Iris




Amaryllis & Anthurium




Red Hibiscus & Frangipani




Hibiscus & Orchids




Bowl of Yellow Hibiscus




October Firey Sky




Peach Double Hibiscus & Periwinkle




Grateful For A Sunrise





Poinsettias for Christmas




I hope you enjoyed the review of flowers and nature from last year.  God bless!















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