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When the holidays are over and a new year begins, I look forward to spring. It doesn’t matter that it is over 2 months away.  Spring is my favorite time of year.  Living in central Florida which is semi-tropical, my winter is mild and spring starts early.  It is so close that I can almost feel it.  Up north you may have months of cold, wet, grey tones of winter, but now is the perfect time to plan your spring garden.



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Slowly the days become steadily longer, and nights become progressively warmer – and we can’t wait. While winter gives us all that wonderful time to reflect and connect with family and friends, spring promises us that everything can, and will – start anew.


So, cast those winter blues aside and start looking ahead because we’re predicting that it’s going to be a wonderful springtime indeed, and to ensure that your garden looks the part, we’ll be counting down the top springtime garden accessories for this coming season.



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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and the best way to get enthused about anything is to have an equally passionate plan to back you up. Before you hit the online shopping and accessories stores, first give some thought to the type of garden you want this springtime, how much space you have available to you, and the kind of plants and flowers you want to plant. See my post, Garden Planning Guide with Printables to help you draw your yard and add or delete changes. I find that potted plants are great for adding seasonal color.  You may need certain pots and accessories to accommodate the plan. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve ordered bulbs and seeds galore only to find that you don’t have sufficient space for them at all, or that they’re completely unsuited to your garden and location. So do your homework.



Garden Planning Guide With Printables








Review your inventory of must-have tools and accessories.  Perhaps a main tool is broken or missing. Another problem is needing a better tool to garden effeciently.  


Gloves & Boots: sure it seems self-explanatory and this is probably for our more novice gardeners, but it doesn’t matter how tough you think you are, your hands will thank you later. Also spring is known for wet surfaces as the ground thaws. Look for boots for the garden that are comfortable and water-proof.


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Decorative planters: for this, you’ll need to refer to your plan to discover what the theme of your springtime garden is going to be so that you can plan for your planting accessories, boxes, shelves, or more dramatic items like a Wrought Iron Obelisk if you have the space for it.



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Five-Tier-Strawberry Planter: we love this idea because it lets you create wonderful vertical spaces.



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Stand-up weeder: much like gloves, this is an absolute staple that every gardener must have because, after a morning’s weeding on your knees, your afternoon may involve resting.





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Garden netting: all of your hard work can be done in one night’s session by a curious animal, so ensure that you have a decent amount of garden netting at your disposal to create secure spaces in your garden, and give you – a decent nights rest.


Liquid fence:  Honestly, if you have a country garden or you live in an area close to a wooded space or forest, you can’t live without this – and, it’s all-natural besides. You’ll be keeping deer and rabbits away from your fresh, lovely tasting plants and flowers.



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You can find more tips and tons of useful information, here at Martha Stewart’s Gardening Tips or in my Garden section.














This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.


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