Smart Ways To Garden on A Budget

Not everyone has the money to hire an expensive landscaper to create their dream garden. I do believe it is possible to create a beautiful garden on a budget over time. Today I’d like to discuss several ways to garden frugally.  In my post Gardening Tips for Beginners I suggest basic steps to help you create a garden that you love. Let’s look at ways to garden cheaply.



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Find Inspiration & Information


If you want to create a beautiful garden on a budget, start looking at gardens. Look around your neighborhood or in a nearby park or hiking trail. You can find inspiration in the most unexpected places.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is–spring, summer, fall, or winter–there are always beautiful plants and flowers that will inspire you with their beauty and simplicity. By finding inspiration from outside your home, you’ll create a garden that’s unique to your environment, and that shows off the best of nature. Check out any local gardening groups.  Attend a few meetings, ask questions, and get involved. Many gardening groups sell small plants to raise funds. I’ve gotten great bargains for as little as $1 or $2 at a local garden club plant sale.  



Free Gardening eBooks

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Start with whatever resources are available to you:

  • Check out the library for books or magazines on gardening
  • Do online research–like GardenBeast
  • Window shop at the local garden stores  
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood
  • Download a garden app like Candide

Beginners can download seven ebooks for free from GardenBeast in PDF format. You can download one or all, it’s up to you. And you can print these out, load them up on your kindle, or use them for offline reading whenever you want. All it takes is to sign up for the newsletter, but you can always use a disposable email address for that.

Candide is a helpful gardening app to find inspiration and knowledge. In the app, you’ll find places to visit, knowledge of what to plant in your garden, and pictures from the community sharing what’s going on in their gardens. Get more information at Candide.  To learn about 6 more helpful gardening apps, check out 7 Helpful Gardening Apps at Make Use Of. 




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Create a Basic Garden Plan



Look at your existing garden and try to see the plants that are there.  Use a piece of paper and pencil to make a rough drawing of what currently exists.  What do you like? What do you want to remove?  Make a list of what you want to remove. My post, Gardening Guide with Printables, gives detailed information on  this process with a printable grid for the garden.  





Creating a basic garden plan is the first step to outdoor design. It will help you visualize what your garden will look like before investing in materials and equipment. Start by sketching out a few plantings in the space where you want to grow a garden. Think about what plants will thrive in your climate, but also think about how the plants will flow together to create an aesthetic that complements your home and yard.




Start Plants From Seeds And Cuttings


One of the main ways to save money in the garden is to start your plants from seeds or cuttings.  Zinnias prefer to be started in the garden with seeds.  How to Grow Zinnias, The Butterfly Magnets gives you lots of information on this colorful flower.  It’s a great addition in your butterfly garden or classic cutting garden. Zinnias are popular garden flowers because they come in a wide range of flower colors and shapes, and they can withstand hot summer temperatures and are easy to grow from seeds. They are also highly attractive to songbirds, butterflies and pollinators.  Many kitchen plants are easily started inside with seeds to be transplanted outside when you’re past the last frost.







Cuttings are another popular way to start new plants.  If you have a plant in your yard that can grow from a cutting, you can start another one for free.  Also check with friends for possible cuttings from their garden.  Many garden groups also do a seed swap annually.


Add Color To Your Garden



If you want your garden to look more expensive, add color. It is a simple thing to do that can make a difference in the appearance of your garden. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still paint some flowers or use them as part of your design. In most cases, plants with dark and deep green leaves will give off a rich feel.






Another excellent idea for adding color is using foliage plants such as ivy vines on walls or trellises. Not only do these plants provide texture, but they also add another layer of visual interest in the area.









Make a Low-Maintenance Garden




Trees and shrubs tend to be the lower maintenance choices in most gardens.  Choose green shrubs and a few evergreens to make an attractive foundation around your yard.  





Sometimes a shrub or tree that flowers once a year can make a huge seasonal difference with little maintenance.











My post,  How To Create A Beautiful Low Maintenance Garden, has lots of ideas to help you develop a low task garden. Palm trees are popular here in Florida and don’t require much care.  I was flabbergasted to read that there are types of palms suitable for some colder climates.  I always thought that palms required tropical or semi-tropical growing zones.  According to, needle palm is one of the hardiest palms and can tolerate temperatures down to -15F.   Amazing!  Check out How to Grow a Palm Tree to see how this can be a great addition to your low-maintenance garden.









I hope I’ve given you some inspiration and information to help you garden frugally.  Wishing you a beautiful garden in your life.




This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.




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