Ideas for Adding Greeenery to Your Home

During the holidays many people bring greenery into the home. It is an ancient tradition in many countries.  Designers seem to effortlessly create their dreamy, calming, welcoming spaces.  Today let’s look at ways to add greenery to your home not only for the holidays, but also for year round  enjoyment.  I hope we all get inspired. Your house is the ultimate reflection of your own unique personality, so why not make some much-needed changes to suit your tastes? Consider all of the ideas below, and hopefully you will find inspiration for small additions to your space.


Adding Houseplants



In October we talked about bringing nature into the home.  One of the main ways to accomplish this is the addition of houseplants.  Put plants in every room of the house. Not only do they add life to a space, they also can clean the air. Just make sure you pick the appropriate plants depending on how much light is available. Know the water and nutrient requirements for that plant and meet them. See Houseplants for the Classroom & Homes with Children and How to Have Healthy Winter Houseplants   for a discussion of choosing the right plants for your home and how to care for them.  




houseplants on a mantel

Photo The Spruce





First, consider putting a trailing plant on top of a shelving unit, a wardrobe or on top of your kitchen cupboards. Plants are a little more unexpected in these high places so they’ll naturally draw your eye upwards, creating more height in a room. You can find  more inspiration on vines from  Easy to Grow Hanging Plants .




Photo this_e17_life





Add Faux Greenery



For those with a brown thumb, consider adding quality faux plants or dried bunches like eucaplytus. Even if you have a shelf full of real houseplants, there are times when you may want to add faux plants and greenery. Most of us do that at Christmas. Lush designs give the appearance of real plant life without the required care and maintenance.  There’s no limit to your creativity with the right selection of realistic fake greenery for both inside and outside your home.




Rustic Eucalyptus Stem

Photo Wayfair




You can use:

  • Wreaths and swags
  • Decorative garland
  • Plants, trees, and topiaries
  • Urn and window box fillers
  • Flower arrangements and greenery stems



It’s easy to transform your home into an oasis filled with nature-inspired touches. 




Photo hollyb_at_home



I love this combination of a green faux wreath with other greenery on this mantel.  Create a timeless feel with simple green wreaths that are ideal for any occasion throughout the year. Evergreen and flocked styles lend a wintry feel, while lush leaves and florals are perfect for warmer months.  Take away the eggs and add a rustic element to make it perfect for a different season.





Photo grandinroad 




A Window With A View



I also love the idea of a window with a view.  When you are creating  your garden, consider the four seasons.  Evergreen bushes or trees are an essential part of the landscape.  Add a statue or other architectual element to provide focal points throughout the year. A garden shed might not seem like a chic, sophisticated addition to your home, but there are so many beautiful styles for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a large rural design or a stunning outdoor office space your garden shed can truly make an impact on your outdoor space. A rustic, wooden design with beautiful detailing on the doors might just be the perfect “wow” element to turn heads. Simple white lights can enhance the landscape for night time enjoyment. Place comfortable seating by the window with the view and enjoy it. You’ve enlarged your home space to include your garden.  



Photo Apartment Therapy



A Window Herb Garden



Growing your own herbs can even be a winter garden if you use inside window sills. You can start herbs from seeds or cuttings and place the small plants in a sunny window or under a good light.  In the spring you can transplant them to your outside garden.  When it comes to creating the perfect herb garden, you should look online for the best tips for getting started. See my post, Windowsill Herb Garden,  for ideas.





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Photo Windowsill Herb Garden,






Transforming your living space doesn’t need to be costly, time consuming or stressful. You can make big changes on a budget and even add the “wow” factor with layers of greenery. Small layers of plants in rooms can really make an impact and can be done in small steps for make a huge change.




Rustic Boxwood Topiary Pot

Photo Wayfair




Wishing you a beautiful day filled with smiles and peace.











This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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