Taking Care of Yourself

Many of us are paying more attention to our health after living through the last two years.   I’ve always been interested in ways to help support good health, but this is especially true now.  It is impossible to avoid every illness or prevent every disease, but there are steps you can take to improve your health and lower risks. Today I want to talk about a few reminders that most of us already know.

Keeping up to date with routine exams


One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of health problems is to keep up to date with routine medical appointments. An annual medical screeening is beneficial in detecting minor changes that can indicate a problem.  If you are notified that screening tests for specific types of cancer are necessary, for example, or your doctor recommends frequent blood pressure checks, make sure you complete the necessary screenings. A major test for women would be mammograms which can detect early signs of breast canacer.  Tests considered necessary may vary by age or circumstance.   If it has been a long time since you saw your dentist or eye doctor, don’t ignore the notice that now is the time to schedule appointments. 


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Seeking advice


Some of us are reluctant to reach out and seek advice if we’re feeling unwell or we notice unusual symptoms. Seeking advice can make all the difference when it comes to prognoses and the chances of successful treatment, especially in cases of severe health issues. If you delay going to your doctor, there is a risk of your symptoms getting worse. If there is an underlying cause, it may not be treatable by the time you get a diagnosis. 




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It is particularly important to schedule an appointment if you have a family history of conditions such as heart disease or breast or bowel cancer, or you’ve been advised to attend follow up appointments after undergoing treatment. If you ignore advice, or you fail to attend checks after discovering symptoms, you cannot hold doctors or other medical professionals responsible for a delayed diagnosis. This means that medical malpractice attorneys would not advise you to pursue legal action. If you have any concerns, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and see your doctor. Often, there are treatment options available.



Managing your schedule


Managing your schedule effectively can have a dramatic impact on your health. If you feel like you’re always rushing or spinning too many plates, take control of your diary and adjust your daily routine. Make time for exercise, get some fresh air, separate work and downtime and ensure you get enough sleep. Experts recommend around 7 hours of sleep per night for adults. Use your evenings to relax and unwind, set yourself a bedtime and stick to it and avoid doing anything that makes you feel stressed or anxious before you go to bed. Taking charge of your schedule can help to lower stress levels, improve sleep quality and boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Learn to say no if you’re already working long hours at work, or you don’t have the time or the inclination to attend every social occasion or event. Nobody can be in two places at once, and there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time. 



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Taking good care of yourself can help you to lower health risks and boost your physical and psychological welbeing. If you’re eager to improve your health, keep up to date with routine checks and tests, seek advice if you have any concerns and manage your schedule to make time for exercise, relaxation, and sleep. 




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