Signs You Are Unhealthy

Most of us want to stay healthy.  Much too often we unknowingly engage in habits that hinder our goal. There are many signs that can suggest an unhealthy lifestyle. Being able to spot these signs is the first step you can take towards improving your body and overall health. Everyone needs an annual exam and it is the perfect time to discuss physical changes with your physician.  In between these exams, when you experiece a sudden change, contact your primary physician to discuss the problem. Here are signs you need to address.



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Poor Sleeping Patterns


When you sleep, you are giving your body the opportunity to relax and recharge. If you sleep irregularly or consistently sleep for short periods of time, your body will not be able to function as efficiently as it could. Stress is often a major cause.  See Tips To Help You Sleep Better for more information and suggested activities.







Stress really is a problem for many people. You may not realize that stress can have a major impact on your health. It can also impact your emotional well-being more too. Some people are so functional in a high-stress environment that they do not notice that it is impacting their health. If you are experiencing stress issues, then this may well be affecting your nervous system. It can also impact your cardiovascular system and your gastrointestinal system. This can lead to a huge amount of potential problems. Simply Health has a great post, 21 Natural Ways to Lower Stress.  Check it out for more information.




Your Breath is Bad


Bad breath is not always a sign that you had too many onions for lunch. It’s actually associated with gingivitis. There is a correlation between poor oral health and vascular swelling, and this is what leads to heart disease. If you can, you need to try and make sure that you are taking care of your oral health as much as your physical health. You also need to try and make sure that you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day and that you pay regular visits to your dentist. Personally, I can tell you I avoided  the detist during the beginning of the pandemic, and this year I’ve paid for it.





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You are Losing Weight Fast



Weight loss is usually something that you would celebrate if you are trying to lose weight. If you are not trying to lose weight at all however, then you may find that this is a cause for concern. It may be associated with diabetes that is not being controlled or even heart failure. You may also find that sudden weight loss can be a sign of cancer too, so make sure that you get checked out if possible.




Swollen Ankles



If you have swollen ankles after a very long flight, then this is normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. If you have swollen feet and ankles every day, then this is not normal at all. It may be an indication that your heart is not working as it should. It may be that it cannot circulate blood around as easily and this is the last thing that you want. If you want to try and help yourself then you need to visit your doctor if possible. They can then give you the help and support you need to get any underlying heart issues ruled out.




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You Can’t Drive at Night



With cars flashing their bright lights at you and roads that are badly lit, it’s safe to say that driving at night is certainly not for everyone. If you find that driving after sunset is becoming incredibly difficult to do, then this could well be a sign that you have an eye issue. If you are over the age of 50 and you are bothered by things when the light is dim, then you may want to consider seeing an eye doctor. Your doctor can determine what issues are causing the problem, and suggest remedies.




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You have Pain



Believe it or not, one of the most misunderstood symptoms that come with sinus issues is eye pain. This occurs usually because the sinuses are in the area next to the eyes, as well as above and below. If you have pressure that is building in these areas, then you may find that this causes you a dull pain and it feels like it is coming either behind or around your eyes. If this is the case with you then it is so important that you talk with your eye doctor or your primatry physician



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Your Vision Changes



People of all different ages find that they suffer from poor vision. While it is normal for your eyes to deteriorate, you should be mindful if your vision changes rapidly. Sudden vision changes could well indicate a huge range of issues, including macular degeneration,  diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, acute glaucoma and even vascular occlusions.  Have your eyes examined and do not self diagnose your problem.



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You Have Dry Eyes


People who experience allergies, especially ones that are seasonal, are usually more than familiar with dry eyes. If you do not have any known health issues and you find yourself experiencing dry eyes, then you need to get checked out. It may be that you have hepatitis C, as this is a major concern. If you have dry skin then it is a good idea for you to look at your diet. It’s important to know that if you have dry skin, it can be treated by using natural supplements and treatments. Look up calendula benefits for your skin if you want to know more.



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You have Discolored Eyes


If you have a slight yellowing in your eyes, then this is certainly something that you should be looking out for. This could be a sign that you have a liver issue or a problem with your gall bladder or pancreas. You need to be seen by your primary physician or local eye doctor. There are options out there once the problem is diagnosed.



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You feel Fatigued



Fatigue can easily be related to a huge number of issues. Your physician will be able to narrow down a potential diagnosis, but they can only do this if you make an appointment to go and see them. Problems such as fatigue can indicate an underlying health issue. 



Chronic Neck  or Back Pain


You may not realize it at the time, but sitting at your desk all day hunched over can easily lead to neck pain or even back pain. It can also lead to you experiencing tight muscle knots. To address this, then you need to sit ergonomically and  avoid sitting down for too long. You may think that this is impossible if you work at a desk all day,  but there are ways around this.


First be sure you are sitting in an erogonomic chair and at your desk.  NBC  News has a good post 7 Ergonomic Office Chairsfor Working at Home in 2021.  Second, you may like  a standing desk/chair. They say sitting is the new smoking. Third get up more often.  I used to get up to walk around during my break and even  my lunch time. You simply need to get up from your chair every couple of hours.  Web MD has a good post on chair exercise at work.  Spend a few minutes to use your muscles and re-charge your brain.



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You Have Indigestion



Indigestion is so common that many people do not see it as being something serious. Did you know acid reflex can cause cancer in your throat over time?  Discuss with your physician your digestion problems and when they occur.  It could be certain foods or spices upset your system.  I did a food diary years ago that helped define what upset my stomach.  You write down everything that goes in your stomach and how you feel.  A food irritant or allergy can have an effect hours later.  Don’t rely heavily on over-the-counter antiacids. Heavy use can result in side effects including diarrhoea or constipation, flatulence, stomach cramps, or feeling sick or vomiting.  I tried both Pepsid and Tagamet but eventually quit using them. I have personally adapted my diet to avoid certain things and to include certain things.  Peppermint tea or mints are great for mild stomach upset.  Papaya tablets or ginger capsules help digestion.  My favorite diet addition is a small cup of cut up pineapple after dinner.  It tastes so good and helps so much.  I always have pineapple in the refrigerator.  There is an interesting article, Taking Heartburn Medicine 3+ Times a Week May Cause Harm written by gastroenterologists.



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Indigestion can also be a sign of serious illness. Remember cardiac issues can first appear as indigestion.  When we think of a heart attack, we tend to think of shooting pain in the chest that causes a person to clutch their chest and fall to the floor. While this does indicate a heart attack, it is more common to see this type in men. The signs of a heart attack present themselves differently in women. Furthermore, because not many understand that the symptoms are different, women are more likely to suffer permanent damage or death from a heart attack than men. Women are also less likely to see treatment than men for a variety of reasons, including taking care of others instead or downplaying the symptoms. Thus, it is critical to understand the warning signs of a heart attack in women. Women may have discomfort in the chest but a sharp pain in the jaw, neck, arm, or back. Many people experience shortness of breath, breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.  If you have any of these symtoms suddenly and intensely, go to the emergency room. 



In Conclusion



Have an annual physical. Know your body and check out any new issues with your physician. Move often, sit corectly, and eat tasty food that makes you feel better. Don’t think that discomfort in the chest means you can call the doctor tomorrow.  Keep up to date with the lastest medical information and discuss it with your primary.











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