Ideas to Create A Garden For Socializing

Many of us dream of creating a garden space that’s a green luscious place to enjoy. Glance below for a dream garden bench.  I’ll never have a huge garden landscaped by experts and maintained by staff, but I can make small changes in my yard. My dreams of an outdoor space that welcomes friends and family make me consider things I can do to make it more social.  Whether you want to host a large crowd or an intimate group,  read on for ideas that’ll make your garden ready for guests.



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Create Outdoor Rooms


Most of us add a deck, balcony, or patio to create an outdoor sitting space.  Below designer, Pineapple Property, has given this space two key features that make it somewhere you could use all year round. First is the wood-burning stove – with the wood storage either side doubling up as a dash of natural décor. Second is the roof, which would protect from strong sunlight and heavy rain alike.



Photo by Pineapple Interiors


Besides the main outdoor space,  adding small seating options around the garden can provide spaces for guest clusters or even quiet retreats. There should be a seating solution for just about every need and occasion. Sometimes, you’ll want to sit around a big table with the family to share food and drinks. But on other occasions you might want to sit in comfort and enjoy the quiet.





A. Consider Adding a Fireplace, Fire Pit, or Wood Burning Stove


Just as in a living room, it’s nice to have a focal point in a social space, and indoors this is so often a fireplace. Putting one outside, as GreenBird Gardening has done here, has the additional benefit of turning a summer-only space into one you can use in chillier months, too.



Photo by GreenBird


B.  Add A Roof or Cover


A cover provides shelter from sun or rain and extends the use of your outdoor rooms. Wayfair discusses 7 different types of covers  from umbrellas and shade sails  to awnings and gazebos, there are options for most budgets.  If a permanent gazebo is not in your budget, consider a less expensive removable one. You can take it down in the fall and store it for the winter.  


Overstock Product

Photo Overstock




Go Further with Your Outdoor Lighting



The other week I posted about LIghting Ideas For The Garden.  Proper lighting  not only makes it possible to enjoy your garden space in the evenings but also creates an ambiance. Check out the post for ideas.



Rabbit with Solar Lantern




Create the Perfect Grill Setup



Several years ago my nephew James built a grilling station in his backyard.   Needless to say, many of us are not that handy with a saw and hammer.  You can however create a  place where you can prepare and cook great food for family and guests. First you need a surface for your grill which can be on the deck or patio.  If you don’t have either of those options, you can put down a few pavers and gravel to make a smooth surface for your grill.  Then you can then cook great cuts of steak, grilled shrimp, grilled vegetables, and this smash burger recipe. Food seems so much better when it’s cooked outside.




homemade bbq stand

Photo Heather Murphy



In conclustion . . .


I hope I inspired you to stop dreaming about your perfect outdoor room and start planning. Be sure to make the most of your garden and to enjoy it.




Photo Housely












This post is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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