LIghting Ideas For The Garden

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful garden at night. The stars twinkle overhead, and you can see your way to the front door with ease – but what is it about this sight that makes it so unique? Well, there are a few things. Of course, you might have great outdoor lighting already in place for safety reasons, but if you’re looking for more of an aesthetic touch, then here are some ideas on how to light up your garden beautifully.


Strip Lighting

This is a great way to highlight the overall beauty of your garden and is also very functional. If you want a more subtle effect, then use dimmable LED strip lights you can adjust conveniently.  If you want to have some fun with this idea or just really light up an area that needs it, use multiple strip lights along paths or around trees. This will allow others walking through your garden at night to see where they are going.  Strip lighting is an inexpensive way to light your garden paths. It requires no installation, so you can put it up in a day or two and move it around as needed.

Family gathering around bonfire in dark backyard

Spotlighting With Candles and Lanterns

Avoid the decorating mistake of not personalizing your home. Spot lighting with candles and lanterns involves using customized candles and lanterns to highlight the essential areas in your garden.  Lanterns and torches make a great addition to any outdoor party or gathering because they look beautiful.  

Rabbit with Solar Lantern
Photo Breck’s

You can do this with tea lights in glass jars or on top of a wine bottle. Or, if you want to go for the old-school look, create your oil torches and place them around in different areas of your garden.  Furthermore, lanterns and candles are great for creating a romantic atmosphere by the pond or in the middle of a clearing.

Unique Path Lights To Match Your Plants

This involves having a specific light that illuminates the path you want to take and contributes something unique and artistic.  You can use lights of various colors, which will create a disco-like effect when turned on at night. It’s best to have more than one colored light, so it looks like multiple disco balls are hanging from your trees or bushes. This creates an exciting atmosphere in your garden during parties or other events at night time. 

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Use Multiple Colorful Lights 

This is a great way to lighten up your garden at night while still satisfying your sense of beauty. Use multiple bright spotlights so that they can illuminate plants and pathways. This works well with both ornamental flowers and edible ones, which you will be able to see more easily when walking around your garden at night.   Multiple colorful lights are a great way to create an exciting and lively atmosphere for your garden at night. You may want to use this option if you have a pool equipped with colorful lights already installed.

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Hang Lanterns From A Tree


This winter you can give yourself a beautiful night view with a tree with lights. Yes, many people do that for Christmas, but I love trees with white lights year round.   It provides a wonderful scene during the dark nights of winter and a focal point for outside activities during the summer.

Lights Hanging on Green Leaf Tree


In conclusion, there are many ways to light up your garden or outdoor space.  Why should you have to stop enjoying your backyard after dark?  Some outdoor lighting can truly transform your outdoor space, allowing you to dine al fresco and enjoy those warm summer evenings or sit in your winter home and enjoy your garden with lights.

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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