How Food Brings Families Together

Studies indicate that children from families that eat together are less likely to suffer from anxiety, have higher self-esteem, and are more likely to grow up into more confident adults.   Although it might not be possible to have all meals together, sharing a meal a day or over the weekends can significantly strengthen the family bond. 



Shrimp Dish



Plan to have at least one meal together every day. It can be dinner or lunch, but the main idea is to have one meal a day when everyone is available. This allows you to talk about the day’s interests without distractions. It also gives your children the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You get to know how each person’s day was and share stories.Here are ways to make food bring your family together.



Try Out New Dishes 


Preparing new dishes for the family is a great way to get everyone excited for mealtime. You can do this over the weekend or when you have some spare time. Let your loved ones know that you’re cooking something different and delicious, then make sure to deliver. Ask for suggestions for meal planning for the coming week. Get the family involved in developing the menu.



Plate Of Cooked Food



Everyone will be eager to get back home early enough for the meal. Something to try is sparkly edible glitter on your brownies, delicious chocolate trail mix, or grape candy treats.  You can even try to cook new dishes on a budget by using things already in the house. Everyone will have fun trying it out, and it makes the whole process more exciting.



Cooking Together


Do you have days when everyone is around the house and not busy? Take advantage of this to plan and prepare a family meal together. It can be over the weekend or a public holiday. You’ll get to spend quality time together, share some fun and laughter and learn a new skill.



Food In A Plate



You can turn it into a fun activity by having music playing in the background, cracking jokes, or having some friendly competition while cooking. 



Making Food Fun


Food is a great way to bring people together, and sometimes all you need is to spice things up a little. Have a joke contest at the table and everyone shares one joke. Who doesn’t love a good joke?  Perhaps your family likes silly stories.  That’s another fun way to have dinner.



Family Gathering During Thanksgiving





Go Out Sometimes


The change of scenery, getting to indulge in your favorite delicacies, and lots of laughter are great ways to bond. Try planning a family outing for waffles, burgers, or other favorite foods. If you have a particular eatery your family loves, take everyone there at least once a month.  Not only will this bring the family together, but it allows you to spend quality time that doesn’t involve buying groceries or doing dishes. You can even go out for dessert if you wish to.



Photo of People Eating Breakfast




Start A Vegetable Garden


Another idea is to start a vegetable garden. It’s a great way to bond with the family, learn about sustainability, and have healthy vegetables for your meals. The effort will make food enjoyable, keep everyone occupied, and help out your wallet. 



Variety of Vegetables




As you share diiner with your family, your bond will grow stronger, and you’ll enjoy every moment you get to spend together. You’ll be making memories.









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