How To Make A Stylish Home Entry

Last week we discussed how to create an entryway when your front door opens directly into the living room.  This was really a fun project for me since I literally do not have an entry.  During my exploration of the subject of stylish entryways, I saw many larger beautiful spaces that I want to share.  Today let’s visit stylish larger entry halls and foyers for more design inspiration.

modern entryway
Photo The Spruce

No matter the size, the entry is your guest’s first impression of your home and should be inviting. Whether you are blessed with a big entrance hall or even a cozy landing, your entry can be styled.  Don’t overdo or clutter the space, but your entrance can be a real insight into the rest of your home. House Beautiful has a great article, 50 Foyers That Make A Stunning Impression. They really show what you can do with a larger space.

What are the essential components of a stylish entryway?   Let’s consider the elements needed to embrace your guests with a warm welcome.  

1. Use mirrors to bounce the light 

Entrance halls can be notoriously dark and feel small. A good trick is to use mirrors which can then bounce any natural light. Many designers consider a mirror an essential in the entry.  A big mirror placed on a console table is quite trendy at the moment, and the whole look can be put together rather easily. If you’re looking to add a real statement piece to your entrance hall then you may want to take antique mirrors into consideration. These are often bespoke pieces that will give any home entry a unique aesthetic. Remember it doesn’t need to be an expensive mirror, but something with intricate or rustic detailing could work really well in the space depending on your style.

Attractive Entryways (6).jpg
Photo Hip Couch

If you have a large space, a stand up mirror is a show stopper.

Photo Wayfair

2.  Have a statement piece of furniture

One of the first things you can do is get a statement piece of furniture. The size of the piece should be in scale to the entry area.  If you have a small to medium space, do not make you furniture too wide. You may then struggle to actually use the entrance hall for its primary purpose. Things like console tables, occasional tables,  or a rustic bench could be really suitable for the space you have. Small side or occasional tables can be really styled up as you make the most of height rather than width or clutter.  I love this stylish nook I found on La Dolce Vita!  As an entrance it says a warm hello to the guest. The wall grabs you, the mirror and table draw you in, and the flowers make it cozy. 

A statement piece of furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Below is a glamorous entryway by Celerie Kemble — I love the skirted table.


3. Consider hardwood or tile flooring

The entrance hall is a very well-used part of your home. It can often have the most traffic when it comes to walking through your home, so you need to consider durable and attractive flooring. Wood flooring can be really durable, and it can also look very stylish. Whether you choose real hardwood, a laminate alternative or perhaps even a tile, the simplicity of keeping it clean and looking smart is easy and very appealing.  This stylish and functional upholstered arts & crafts storage bench works well with a wooden floor and a rug to establish an entryway. Sit and take off your boots in this comfortable, cozy space.

Home Styles Arts & Crafts Upholstered Storage Bench
Photo Walmart

If hardwood flooring is not an option, a beautiful tile floor can handle the exposure to all seasons weather.  To make it attractive and easy to keep clean, tile the foyer with a pattern or a color that coordinates with your home. Below are Victorian style modern tile that makes this entry hall a striking statement.

4.  Add lighting

Many foyers will have a chandelier or overhead fixture which will draw the eye up.

It is always nice to also have another light source such as a sconce or a table lamp. If you come in from the dark, it is nice to be able to turn on a soft light without having to overwhelm your eyes with a bright light. Soft lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, too.

5.  Minimal accessories can make a big impact

Accessories are a great way to add some personality to the space.  Below a vintage mirror hangs over a custom console in the entry of a Los Angeles home designed by Betsy Burnham. The console has only 2 items on it. Instead of runners, Burnham “carpeted” the entry with inlaid mosaic stones by Country Floors. Clean and beautiful, this design says less is more.


6. Adapt for the space and budget

Below designer Liz Marie added natural texture and coziness to her farmhouse’s entryway  by installing a bench, baskets, pillows, and greenery.   This is a great example of a simple and inexpensive entry that  immediately captures your attention  and welcomes you to her cozy space. She points out that a table or dresser with hooks, baskets, and greenery would work well also.

Cottage Style Entryway
Photo Liz Marie

Below  the entry of a Connecticut ranch house by Lee Ann Thornton introduces several of the home’s motifs: Muted prints, hints of black, and the mixing of rustic and refined.

I hope this exploration of design inspires you to make your entrance hall more beautiful.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

30 thoughts to “How To Make A Stylish Home Entry”

    1. Me too! You open my front door and bing! You’re in the living room.Kind of like that beach house w/o all the designer rug on the wall.

  1. Great inspirational photos! The entry definitely is a place where you want it to be welcoming! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. That’s wonderful – I always end up with the open the door and you’re in living room entrance! I dream of a beautiful entry.

    1. I had so much fun looking and dreaming about a foyer. To tell the truth I’d take my sister’s landing with a closet and a step up to the living room. (she hates it) I mean just walking into the living room is hard to deal with sometimes. Isn’t it?

  2. What beautiful homes! It was hard to choose a favorite.

    We do have a front door that opens facing our second-floor staircase and to the left is my living room and ahead is a hallway leading to other rooms. I placed a sofa table along the living room side and it acts as a catch-all for keys and bags when we enter that way. We use the entrance from our garage in a different location most of the time, which is much easier.

    1. my home really only has the front door opening directly into the living room. There are sliding glass doors to the back yard but that cannot be opened fromt he outside.

  3. With this new home, I don’t have any of these set ups. I come in, to the right is the garage door to to the left is steps going downstairs. All I have are some walls large & small after that and then into the kitchen. We changed the door window to a beautiful door window . None of these that you showed would help me. Oh well. THanks anyway. All of them were beautiful ideas.

    Cruisin Paul

    1. I gues you can add a small rug where the door swings to make a landing and put some art or mirror on walls. It’s hard to decorate stairs – I understand. Thanks for the comment Paul.

    1. Denise is you got a few ideas then I am thrilled. I have drooled over the wonderful large entries since I have none, but I am thinking of redoing the area where the door opens. I almost pretend it’s not an entry – can’t get more boring than that. I’m just sharing the beautiful ideas I see. Thank you for your kind comment.

  4. Carol, They are all so pretty!! I wish i had a beautiful entry way like in a Victorian home but you walk right into my living Room…Maybe in my next life time!! LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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