Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

My nephew James and his wife Heather went on vacation in June.   This is the 2nd post from their vacation photos. Thank you James!


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area lies in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It’s known for geological features such as towering red sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault, as well as Native American petroglyphs. Panoramic viewing spots dot the 13-mile Scenic Drive.


Today let’s explore Red Rock Canyon with James and Heather. There were beautiful skies that day.

























There is something about the clouds in the desert that are so beautiful.





















Thanks for the visit!














If you missed the first post last week from their vacation, check Valley of Fire.










manatee thank you

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23 thoughts to “Red Rock Canyon, Nevada”

  1. …those huge skies would make you feel like a small part of humanity.

  2. My wife and I were just talking that we miss the desert landscape of the west. Our vacations the last several years have all been to the beach. These photos make me want to go west again.

    The pictures are superb !!

  3. Thank you to James and his wife Heather and to you Carol. Knowing that I would probably never see these places in my life but thanks to you guys I can. Have a great day

    Cruisin Paul

    1. that’s one of the things I love about visiting blogs – I get to see the world from my comfy chair!

  4. Your nephew and his wife take wonderful pictures and I love armchair travel :(almost as much as the real thing). It’s great to see the natural parts of Nevada as opposed to the bling of the casinos.

  5. Carol – spectacular photos! And yes, I find clouds make skies much more interesting. Thanks for bringing desert beauty to life for everyone at Mosaic Monday!

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