How to Buy A Putter Golf Club

Golf club sets are composed of 14 clubs which is the maximum legal amount allowed by the USGA. In a beginner golf club set you should look for a good mix of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. Most importantly, you want the golf clubs to cover your distance gaps.


Back decades ago, I took a golf class early Saturday morning for over a year.  It was a great way to learn a new skill, get exercise, and wake up my body after a week of work.  I loved it.  If you  enjoy the game of golf, you need to understand the importance of your putter. It may not be the longest hitting club in your bag, but your putter is most important when it comes to putting a score on the scorecard. A well fit putter can help a golfer escape disaster on a hole poorly played, or help convert a birdie putt after a shot that is well struck.



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Whether playing golf seriously or simply having fun in your retirement, generally speaking, you have two different types of putters to choose from; toe balanced putters and face balanced putters. Let’s begin by taking a look at the former. If you were to balance the shaft of a toe balanced putter on your finger, the toe would point towards the ground. What this means is that the gravity centre is not straight below the axis of the shaft. Because of this, these putters are better suited to players that have an arc in their putting stroke, as these putters will open and close during the stroke. 

On the other hand, you have face balanced putters. Again, if you were to balance this putter on your finger, the face would face upwards. This means that the centre of gravity is directly below the shaft axis. These putters are ideal for anyone that has a straight putting stroke, as they close less on the follow-through and open less on the backswing. It is worth pointing out that there are a lot of putters that fall in between the two. 


What Type Of Face Should You Purchase?



Specialist golf putters are highly sought after in the industry thanks to their high level of performance and stylish design. Nevertheless, before you purchase a putter, one thing you need to decide is what type of putter face you are going to go for. Read on to discover more about the options that are available.

The kind of face you go for depends on the speed of the greens you tend to put on, the ball you use, and the feel that you prefer. It is all about finding the right combination of putter face and ball to match the greens. Of course, upkeep of the greens with lawn mowing and maintenance is going to be a must. The most traditional type of putter face is made from steel. There are other types of metals that have been used and are still used, including titanium, zinc, cooper, brass, aluminium, and bronze. Nevertheless, steel is the most popular; as it provides a controlled feel. These types of putter face offer the perfect balance between being responsive and hard. 




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Aside from this, you have insert putters, which feature a lightweight non-metal insert. These face putters are ideal if you are looking for more forgiveness and enhanced MOI. This is because they move the weight of the putter to the toe and the heel of the putter. Finally, you have groove faced putters, which is the most recent face design out of those available. The purpose of having grooves on the face of the putter is to ensure the ball does not spin, slide or skid. 






Find a putter that is right for you, and enjoy the game!












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