6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Everyone who owns a property starts thinking of improvements as soon as they buy it. Sometimes it’s just painting a few walls or the front door to make it more up-to-date or your style.  Unless you buy a totally renovated home or a new build, there are always things on a wish list for upgrades.  One thing you should always keep in mind when planning a renovation is the rate of return on your investment.  Some updates translate to an increased value in the home’s worth while others have little effect.  When you are planning to stay in the home for decades, the updates might just be to make it reflect your taste.  If you do intend to sell in the near future, it’s more important to make the property worth as much as possible. 





First know your home’s current value.  Watch any sales in your neighborhood and learn the maximum sale price for a house.  You need to know how much room in value your home has to increase without pricing it out of the neighborhood.  If houses in your neighborhood do not sell for the total dollars you plan to invest with a renovation, you will lose money.  Now let’s look at a few improvements that translate to value.




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Landscaping is probably the best and easiest, most affordable way to increase your home value even in the first year. Think healthy trees, blooming flowers or plants and neatly trimmed lawns. Strategically plant native trees, which can reduce energy costs by as much as 50%, plus raise the value of neighboring homes.  Plant young shrubs and leave space for it to grow to full size, as this will help cool your property. Replace annual plants or flowers with perennial foliage to help cut costs.  Check your growing zone and use plants that do well in your zone. See Planning Garden Guide for more information and printable planning forms.


Update the front door with a fresh new color to finish the look.






Update Interior Paint

Fresh paint is a major draw for buyers, and peeling or outdated interior paint can be a turn-off.  It is a great cost-effective way to modernize and increase home value without requiring lots of  technical knowledge. A perfect DIY almost anyone can do. Most experts suggest light, neutral wall colors for resale because buyers can easily imagine their belongings in the space


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Install Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a wow-factor to your home, making any room look taller. Crown molding can make a room stand out by framing it and adding detail. It’s incredibly flexible, as you can apply variations of it throughout your home in different ways.



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Invest in energy-efficient home features


Today’s homebuyers tend to place a greater emphasis on eco-friendly features, due to both a greater focus on environmental issues and a recognition that energy efficiency saves money on their utilities bills. You can do several things to ensure your home is more energy-efficient, but one of the easiest and most cost-effective is to install new insulation from www.insofast.com. Good insulation will prevent heated or chilled air from being lost, meaning your home is more comfortable and your energy bills are lower. If you’re upgrading in-home appliances—ranging from your microwave to your furnace—seek out energy-efficient equipment that can lower the cost of your electricity and gas bills. 


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Add An Office 


The shift to remote working has been significant, and many more people are now looking for homes with a comfortable office. Generally speaking, a home office is a solid idea for boosting the value of your house. This feature can add up to 10 per cent to the overall price tag for your property whenever you decide to put it on the market.





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You’ve got a few different options for building your own home office, ranging from a simple rearranging of how to use existing rooms to something more ambitious. If there is no room in your home, consider using a shed for a garden office. If you already own one that’s big enough for a home office you can simply rearrange the furniture and add the desk and other office items, again hopefully spending a small sum. If you need to first purchase a shed for your home office then this will naturally be another expense on top, and prices for sheds can vary widely so shop around before buying. There are well-designed office pods that have heating and electricity.  They are pre-fabricated and ready to install in your yard.  It will definitely be a feature when you come to sell your home, and it could add a reasonable percentage to the value of the property – it is an additional room, after all. 




Adding details and a few trendy touches can also add some value to your home. However, making some small changes could help you because you could sell the property faster even if you don’t make any more money. Redecorating is exactly this kind of change. A small project that can re-define the kitchen is changing the handles and knobs on your cabinets.  In the bathroom, change the mirror to a modern look.   Simply by repainting the walls and putting in new light fittings, for example, you can make your home look almost like new. When you need to replace your appliances, be sure to go with modern finishes like stainless steel.  You’ll enjoy your space and find that it also translates into home value.



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Add live green plants to your home with a few items of wicker or bamboo. Lush throw pillows will add a cozy feel for little money.  Modern homes have touches of natural materials like barn wood, wicker, knit pillow covers, woven rugs, and even a faux fur stool.




In conclusion…


You can add value to your home by adding beauty.  A beautiful yard and bright front door will welcome guests.  Fresh paint inside with details can make a space cozy and homey.  I hope you found inspiration to choose a few projects for your home.



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