How to Host the Perfect Summer Garden Party

We’ve all been through a rough time the last 15 months.  Now that I’m vaccinated and my family is vaccinated, I’m planning on going north for a visit.  I need a hug.  Don’t you?  If you and your friends are vaccinated, invite them over this summer.  Get outside and enjoy your garden.  Enjoying your outdoor space and entertaining your friends really are two of the best things about the summer. There are a few holidays and special events during the next 3 months for get-togethers whether it is Father’s Day, 4th of July, or a special birthday.  


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What could be better than spending a warm summer’s day enjoying a garden party with your family and friends? Getting outside into the fresh air for some great food and company is an excellent way to relax and enjoy yourself over the summer months. The best way to make your summer garden party a success is to plan your arrangements carefully ahead of the day and give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Why not try some of these tips to help you host the best garden party and enjoy your event as much as your guests:


Plan Your Menu Carefully


If your area has few or no new cases of COVID, there is little fear of exposure. Firing up the grill is probably the most popular choice for a summer party.  If there are still concerns about exposure to the virus, you could make your party a pot luck get together.  Then your friends bring their own food to avoid contamination.   Or you could provide box lunches to avoid shared platters.  Discuss your ideas with your friends to see what makes them comfortable.



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If you are providing the food,  consider a range of light and tasty dishes that you can prepare in advance.   Creating a choice of savory and sweet summer dishes that are ideal for a warm summer’s day will ensure all your guests enjoy the food without overheating while trying to eat.  You could provide individual servings on plates to again avoid shared platters.



Four butterflied shrimp stuffed with crabmeat.

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Want to try something new?  Why not try this easy to make crab stuffed shrimp recipe  from Grits & Pinecones? The good news is you can make it a day before you plan to serve it.



Create Atmosphere



Creating a party atmosphere at your garden party will set the mood for the event and get everyone in the party spirit. You could hang colorful decorations and bunting around your backyard and also put up fairy lights to create a magical feel if the party continues past sundown. One Kindesign’s post, 25+ DIY Garden Party Ideas has fabulous decor ideas.




Photo One Kindesign




Make Everyone Comfortable



Creating a comfortable seating arrangement is an excellent way to ensure everyone can chat, and no one gets left out. Finding a way to position your chairs so that everyone can sit comfortably and relax without being left out of the conversation should ensure that all your guests have a great time. Don’t forget to place some chairs in the shade, too, so that your guests can escape the heat and cool down when needed.


Several years ago, I wrote about ideas on creating shade in your yard.  Check out Ideas for a Backyard Shady Spot .  If children are coming to the party, make a  Kids’ tent with an old sheet and a clothesline or a tree. Make an area for them to play.


Use old sheets, a large tree, and rocks for this easy tent. Photo via pinterest



If you are looking for a permanent addition of shade.  The Spruce has 15 interesting ways to make shade in your backyard. Pergola’s add shade and beauty.




shade screens

Photo – The Spruce




In conclusion, I am wishing you a summer of friendship and fun.



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4 thoughts to “How to Host the Perfect Summer Garden Party”

  1. These are good tips, especially with considerations over serving food in a Covid-safe way. We often have summer garden parties at my in-laws house (we have a ‘party garage’ for storing outdoor toys, chairs, event shelters, crockery and everything else we need for a party) and it’s lovely that we’re starting to be able to plan things like this again now. #MMBC

  2. I love the tent around the tree! We had our first BBQ last weekend with one other family. It was lovely to just sit outside and eat and chat. I don’t think we’ll take simple things like that for granted now.


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