Tips To Create an Outdoor Entertaining Space

Whether you’re blessed with a huge yard, modest balcony, or terrace, there are many advantages to having a private outdoor space. It’s the perfect place to entertain your friends and family while admiring your gardening efforts. If you and your guests have had your vaccine shots,  it’s a safe time  to spruce up your outside space and invite friends over. Transform your space into a relaxing haven to enjoy dining and spending quality time with your loved ones. You can even add a personal touch to the design. With a few fun features, you can really optimize your outdoor space for entertaining.

Bring everyone together on cozy outdoor furniture


Bring the whole family together on a huge outdoor couch if space allows.  If your outdoor furniture is getting a little worn then it might be time for an upgrade. Check out the range at COSIEST. You can find weather-resistant sofas, chairs, and tables to suit the size and style of your space. If you’ve only got a small balcony or terrace to work with, you could consider getting seating that doubles up as storage. Look for benches, coffee tables, or boxes with storage space inside.



Arrebol U-Shape Sofa Set - 7 Pieces

Photo – Cosiest



Create a sensory space


Transform your outside space into a treat for all the senses. This will encourage a calming atmosphere for you and your guests. Add colorful, fragrant flowers, and plenty of greenery. Here are a few tips for creating a beautiful garden.  Add a mix of textures as well. This could include mats or rugs, or soft cushioned furniture, for example. Always keep your guests’ comfort in mind.



Photo – Tips For A Beautiful Garden



Increase privacy


If you’d prefer to entertain in private. there are plenty of ways you can block views to your outdoor area. Plant tall bushes or hedges and prune them to let the light in, but give you plenty of coverage. You could also put up a screen or build a trellis or vertical garden.  Check out a few more ideas for creating privacy in your yard at The Spruce.



plant shelf privacy fence

Photo – The Spruce, 13 Landscaping Ideas to Create Privacy



Keep it warm and cozy with an outdoor fire pit


Fire pits are great to hang out around with friends and family.  With your cozy furniture and the warmth of a fire,  your outdoor space is ready for cool evenings.  You could look into ideas for  outdoor fire pits at Good Housekeeping. They have suggestions  to purchase or build.  Fire pits can be quite beautiful, and can take your outdoor space from bland to architecturally brilliant. 



fire pit ideas

Photo – Good Housekeeping




Optimize garden lighting


Highlight the best features with lighting. You’ll also need optimum lighting for entertaining when the sun goes down. You could use the vertical space and hang lanterns or fairy lights. For a more sustainable choice, opt for motion sensor LEDs. Backyard lighting should be a functional design feature, but you want it to add to the overall atmosphere. Take a look online at a few garden lighting ideas for inspiration. Find the design that allows you to make the most of your outside space.



Garden lighting

Photo – Real Homes



Invest in a covered space


During the day, covered spaces offer a much-needed escape from the sun, and at night they’re the place everyone gathers to wind down. Before you know it, some of your best family memories will happen under the pergola, umbrella, or gazebo.


Gravel Patio

Photo – HGTV




I’m wishing you a beautiful spring and summer in your outdoor haven.
















This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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