Taking Care of Your Home’s Structure

Different homes have different kinds of problems.  I have been watching an HGTV show, “Escape to The Chateau.”  It’s about a British couple buying a derelict French chateau and making it home. I love watching this show. It totally removes me from my home and I’m on an adventure. 



Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel Reveal What It's Really Like To Live In A 45-Bedroom French Castle

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Whenever I watch shows about old European structures, the home often has a stone structure.  Remember last year’s “My Big Italian Adventure” when actress Lorraine Bracco bought a 200 year old house in  Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy, for one euro?  Of course, she spent over $145,000 US dollars to have it fixed.  Anyway, the idea of 3 feet thick stone walls is so alien to me.  I’ve lived my whole life in the U.S. with  walls of plaster or drywall.  It’s so easy to cut into drywall and even replace it.  My mind boggles at huge stones.  I know some structures (usually older) in the U. S. have stone walls but I have no experience with them.


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Despite the different architectural styles, many of a building’s potential problems are similar.  Every flipping show  the flippers are worried about foundation issues.  Are the floors slopping?  Are the floors sagging?  What kind of cracks does the home have?  Is there a water and drainage problem?

Different homes have different types of drainage systems, but the issues are often times the same. Drainage issues have to be fixed instantly, since they could become foundation-level issues that in turn affect the overall structure. Gutters need to be cleaned and inspected for issues regularly. A well-designed structure will have the ground sloping away from the home. Though there are multiple options, like dry wells, corrugated tubes, grassy swales and more, it takes a professional to zero in on the right one for a specific home.



Choosing the right professionsl


A professional is needed to evaluate severe issues like foundation problems or drainage systems.  Unless you have the knowledge to evaluate and to plan for structural safety, big problems need someone with know-how and experience.  When I had my roof replaced several years ago, I had already established a relationship with a small family owned roofing company.  Realtors often have a list of roofers, painters, exterminators, etc. When I bought my home, I got several names and phone numbers from my real estate agent. She had worked with them on multiple homes and said they were reliable. My roofer was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  If I had a question or problem, the son or father from the family business came to walk my roof (for free) and tell me their evaluation.   Eventually I had them replace the roof at a fantastic price.  Nothing beats an honest service provider.



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The right equipment can save you money and conserve energy too.  If you are considering adding solar power for lower electrical costs, check out Tesla solar roof .  I had not heard of it before I bought a new roof.  Unlike conventional solar panels, Tesla’s glass tiles replace a traditional roof, and will come in 4 styles to match different architectural tastes. They are up to two times more durable than standard roofing tiles, and their lifespan will last three times as long as regular shingles.



Service providers have knowledge


Besides roofs, homeowners rely on mechanical and electrical systems such as electricity, heating, and ventilation. Maintaining and sometimes replacing the systems guarantee a safe and cozy home. No matter the type of buildings you own, having an experienced service provider can help you maintain and choose the right replacements for your location and type of home.  My A/C guy  made suggestions based on his knowledge of my allergies and home.  We choose a good system to meet my needs and budget.  


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To find a good sevice provider, ask family and friends.  See a neighbor getting a new roof?  Ask who roofed the house and what was the experience?  If they did a good job, get contact information for your future needs.   You want a company that has a good reputation and will be able to supply details like references and testimonials. Independent reviews and talking to clients that have hired their services before will all give you an indication of how honest and efficient they are.



Maintain, repair and replace


Spring is here and we need to do our routine maintenance.  Be sure to use the information in Spring Home Maintenance Checklist   to include all the areas for review and repair after winter.  It is also a great time to change your batteries in smoke detectors.





If you find problems with leaks, cracks, bug infestation, or any other serious issue, use a professional to ensure you complete repairs that  your building’s needs. Ask for assurances that they use quality materials and provide a warranty.  When replacement is needed, do your homework on all the latest options available.




Planning and maintaining can help reduce costs.  It can also give you peace of mind that the family home is still a safe place to live. 








This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.


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  1. I have been watching “Escape to the Chateau” and loving it too! It does seem like in all the home improvement shows, unexpected (and expensive) issues crop up when they attempt to improve the structure. Thanks for the tip about the Tesla solar roof. That is so cool!

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