Rain Brings Flowers

Late fall through late spring is the dry season here in central Florida.  Some years we still have a decent amount of rain, but most years it is not often enough.  My yard has some tropical plants, like tropical hibiscus, that with rain will burst into blooms year round.   One such hibiscus is my peach double hibiscus.   Most hibiscus are single hibiscus with 5 leaves.  Thanks to modern cultivation techniques, some varieties can produce flowers with more than five petals – called “double hibiscus” – in a dazzling array of colors, sizes, and shapes. They grow in semi-tropical and tropical growing zones here in the U. S.  (zones 9 to 11)





When we get a day of rain each week for several weeks, I get lots of flowers.














Wishing you blue skies and flowers.










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32 thoughts to “Rain Brings Flowers”

  1. I am so looking forward to flowers in the ground and on the trees. It will be a while but you are keeping me motivated and full of anticipation!

  2. Carol – that’s a beauty! It’s like a frothy orange milkshake! A true breath of spring for those of us in the Far North! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Is the last one a single hibiscus? That’s how i know them. Have never seen them with the double amount of petals. Anyway, either way they are very beautiful! Many thanks for sharing these with All Seasons, Enjoy a nice weather week, Jesh

  4. Early in the Morning with hot coffee it’s fine reading a Post, make a walk through other blogs…

    Wow, what colourful power, fantastisc flowers in your captures. Thank you for sharing.

    …Happy MosaicMonday

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