February Home Update: New A/C Installed

We all need to maintain our homes (if we own them) and even periodically make major purchases to replace items like roofs, furnaces and central air.  Besides the minor updates that can come up yearly, I try to plan ahead for the major items.  Back in 2018, in January I had the soffits replaced and in February I had a new roof installed.  Before that I had the roof inspected yearly for about 5 years as it aged and repaired as need. I wanted to replace it before the inside was affected by any major leaks.






This last year I  finally put in the floor tile I’ve always wanted.  Now the majority of my home has new wood-look tile and I love it.  I have some tile left that I hope to use in my bathroom in the next 3 months.  Then the whole house will have the same new flooring.



December Home With New Floors




For the last few years, I’ve called for my central air conditioning to be serviced as needed.  It was an older model and was coming to the end of its life.  My a/c man was working with me to keep it going as long as possible.  We had agreed last spring that the goal was to replace it this winter.  You don’t wait to buy a new a/c in the summer in Florida.  Nope, you’ll be sitting for days without air conditioning while they obtain a new a/c,  remove the old part in the attic and outside.  Below Keith is removing my old outside a/c. See how rusted it is?





Then they replace the concrete slab outside and install a new a/c on the pad.  Now, before you ask, I do not have a furnace.  Living in central Florida our cold spells are rarely that cold and most central a/c’ s have either a heat pump or electric heat.  My new one will have electric heat.







This is really what I usually call the air conditioner.





There is a second part in your home.  My original machine was in the attic.  We were removing that and installing a new inside part in the garage.  It was to be on the back wall of the air return. Now if the a/c fails in the future, there isn’t a danger of water damage to my ceilings.






I have talked about how I hate the large air return in my living room.  The cover was old and dented as it was installed when the house was built in the 1970’s.  Keith, my a/c guy, promised to replace that cover and he did.  The old one was not really a true rectangle anymore, and I had to put a crink in the cardboard frame of my filters to fit them in.  Now I just can drop a filter in.  Yeah!







On the back wall of the return in the garage was going to be the place for the inside machinery.  After removal of the old machine in the attic, they began to measure, mark, and cut for a place to fabricate the machine.











Keith also installed an Air Scrubber that kills bacteria and virus in the air returned to the house. It took 2 1/2 days to install the new machines. I’m really happy with it.







Now I don’t have anything major for a while and I can just enjoy the cool days of winter into spring.







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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

12 thoughts to “February Home Update: New A/C Installed”

    1. I have to be honest I am sick of major work on the house. I can’t really go anywhere and then someone comes and makes a dusty mess. I hadn’t realized that building in the garage meant dusty air for a while. I’m wearing a mask in the house and dusting – again! (it was horrible after the floors were done)

  1. Looking good! It reminds me we have to do something on our air conditioner (the noise was overpowering, so instead we left the doors open), because the mosquitoes had a feast on me, in the summer. Well, you’re set for the hot Floridian summer.:) Great and unusual experinece for All Seasons, Jesh!

  2. I guess living in Florida you need air conditioning especially in the summer months. It looks like a lot of work went into installing the new one but I bet it’s worth it.

    1. Kim summer is like living in a steam tent – high temps and high humidity – your a/c is your best friend for sure.

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