Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Thaw

Nothing beats the first time you see the crocus or daffodils poking from the earth. It’s like a constant reminder of how the world keeps turning.  This year has seen us all grasping at these first signs of better days. Yes, spring is finally around the corner, and it’s time that we all started getting our homes ready for the change in pace. 

Notably, as the weather thaws and our houses start to come alive, some crucial home maintenance tasks are necessary. By taking care of these during spring, you ensure that your home is in the best possible condition once summer rolls around.  Several years ago, I posted Spring Home Maintenance Checklist  with a free printable checklist to help you cover all the important areas.  

The question is, what do you need to consider as the cold thaws at last? Today let’s do a small review.  You’ll need to inspect for winter damage, repair and perform routine maintenance to prevent flooding and fires. 

Quite obviously, spring cleaning should be a priority. Far from being just ‘one of those things’, this is a ritual with strong foundations. For your exteriors, especially, cleaning during the winter months was likely impossible. Now, as the weather starts to turn, dedicating yourself to these cleaning tasks can see your home shining ready for the scrutiny of the sun’s rays can. Pick up the winter debris and when it’s warmer, clean the flower beds.  Now is a good time to start seeds for those who like to grow from seed.

When ice gets into the cracks in our homes, it can cause all kinds of mischief, from cracking guttering to expanding doors. Luckily, as soon as the cold weather breaks, our doors start to fit again and the ice disappears. The trouble is that, if it’s caused expansion in the wrong places, that can lead to gaps that can cause all sorts of trouble from letting water in right through to inviting pests into our houses. This latter point can lead to a whole range of further problems including chewed wires, unwanted mess, and just general hygiene risks that’ll leave you no choice but to contact pest control. Make sure it doesn’t happen by doing a once-over of your exteriors and spotting/repairing any such openings before they make themselves known in other ways.  Check all outside walls, fascia, trim and  roof, and call in the appropriate experts, such as a roofer, to help you rectify the damage.  Below is the spring home maintenance checklist to help.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

While cold weather isn’t great for damp, ice becomes even more of a problem once it thaws. After all, if ice has become deeply embedded in your roof or brick cavities, damp could soon set in once it starts melting. This is never good news, but it’s even worse if the issue goes unchecked until it’s visible inside. As such, spring is the ideal time to assess your home for water damage. You can do this by either seeking professional help if you’re worried or just doing a once-over yourself. Look for cracks in outside walls and dark patches, or areas where moisture is visible , and be sure to get those patches treated before next winter rolls around.  Make sure the roof is sound too.

The coming of spring is certainly putting a spring in our steps right now. Make sure you can continue enjoying this fresh new season by maintaining your home.

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8 thoughts to “Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Thaw”

  1. I wanted to stop by to tell you that i mentioned you and gave a link to one of your posts that you did 2 years ago in my new post that i did today!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  2. I’m seeing daffodils, crocus, and pussy willows for the firs time in years! And that makes me so happy! We have been (so far) very lucky in our weather here in our part of Oregon, but just in case,I am glad that, at our age and stage in life, we live in an apartment and don’t have to worry much at all about home maintenance here.

  3. It feels like spring is just around the corner here. I can’t wait. I do like the warmer weather.
    We’ve just found out today the kids are going back to school in a couple of weeks after the latest lockdown and I am saving the spring cleaning for then, when I have the house to myself. Great advice x

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