Adding A Garage To Your Home

With parking spaces at a premium, Nationwide estimates that building a garage can add as much as 11 per cent to the value of your property. This value will be dependent on where you live and could be even more in busy towns and cities.  Everyone likes having a guaranteed space for the car and supplies.   For this reason, detached or attached garage models that complement the exterior design of newly built houses are always necessary. For existing homes, if you want to have a garage in your home, you must have space on the property and then choose from many different models and material options..




Assess The Situation


If you have decided to build a garage from scratch, we recommend that you decide what kind of garage you want before making your material and budget plans. If you just want to change or upgrade an existing garage, then you should look at organizational systems or garage door repair. One of the most determining environmental factors for your garage is the size of your home and garden. If you have a large farm-like garden, or even a private path from the garden door to the entrance of the house, as in this example, there is no need to confine yourself and your vehicle to a small closed garage. It would not be difficult to build a semi-open garage for several cars in this type of garden. 


You should first review your needs to determine whether a closed, semi-closed, or open garage model will suit you best. For example, how many cars will use the garage area? What is the rate of sun and precipitation in the city you live in, and is it a priority function for you to protect your cars from these weather conditions? Will you only use your garage as a car parking space or would you like some extra space to store some items like garden supplies? Once you’ve decided on all these, you can start to examine the garage model, material and types.



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Detached Garage in The Garden Area



Detached garages are usually included in the garden area of the house at construction, but it is possible to build in your garden later. The most advantageous aspect of building a garage is that it is actually much more practical, economical and easier to build a detached garage in your garden than other construction types. So if you are tired of parking your car on the street or have a parking problem,  you may consider reorganizing your garden and building a private garage for you. This provides greater security and storage space. Depending on your lot size and shape, many homes have space back of the house.  Even if the lot is only big enough for a one car garage, the separate structure will provide great rewards during winter.  You do need a driveway to connect to the structure. In some urban areas, an older lot may run from one street to another. In that case, your street access to the garage would be from the back street.  Then you need to add a walkway to the house.

Per Dakota Storage Buildings, a big advantage of a detached garage is insurance.   Insurance for a detached garage is lower than that of an attached garage.  Second big advantage: Overall, the cost of buying a detached garage is cheaper — whether it’s built on-site or delivered.  When considering which type of garage to build, remember permits are usually cheaper and are easier to obtain for detached buildings. Remember costs like construction, supplies, permits, and insurance vary by geographical areas.  Check your local area for rates.



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Detached garages are potentially healthier. The American Lung Association recommends a detached garage over an attached garage to limit the homeowner’s exposure to carbon monoxide, gas, oil, chemicals and other potentially harmful fumes. If the garage is going to be used as a workshop with machinery, the sound would be less evident in the home than an attached garage.


 Disadvantages of the separate garage include exposure to the elements as you walk between your garage and your house.  During winter you’d need to shovel the walkway from the house to the garage when it snows. However, one way to help with this disadvantage is to build a breezeway (a roofed outdoor passage).



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Attached Garage Pros and Cons


 there are plenty of benefits to the attached garage, as proven by how popular they have become in recent years. Their size may vary, although they typically have enough space for either one or two cars. Most attached garages open directly into a mudroom, entry hall or kitchen.  Your utilities are easier to add to the structure.  An attached garage also has easy access to your home. You avoid rain and snow going in your home from the garage.


Attached garages can be asthetically pleasiung to the eye and make your home look larger. The only time this might not be true is adding a modern garage on an older home. You would need to invest in the design to match your home.  If you’re building from scratch, the attached garage is almost certainly going to be the simpler project. The reason for this is that you already have at least one if not two walls that will form half of the garage’s skeleton. The work is already halfway done. Again costs for labor, materials, and permits vary by location.


Cons for attached include exposure to toxic fumes in your home and loss of privacy.  Being attached means that someone breaking into your garage is at an advantage in gaining access to your home.


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Which Type of Garage Works for You?



The right answer for you comes down to these 3 things:  your budget, your lot size, and your preferences.

Do you have the bigger budget to build an attached garage?   Do you have the space for an attached garage? Are there any space restrictions? If budget or space limits are a problem, the best solution is a detached garage.

If you have the budget and space, the decision rests on which looks better to you and which offers you and your family the most convenience.


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