Exterior Home Maintenance Review

For most of us, our homes are our biggest investment. Home maintenance can feel like a huge chore but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  A home operates with the seasons, coming to life in the spring and closing down for the winter. Follow this natural arc all year long, and keep on top of the small stuff, and your house will run like new.






Several years ago I posted a Spring Home Maintenance Checklist  and reviewed all the areas you need to check, repair, and maintain when the temperatures rise.  Your gutters are probably full of leaves, there may be dead flowers in the flower bed, and salt on the steps may have caused damage. See the post for a checklist to help you cover all the areas.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist



I also posted on the activities you need to complete in the fall to protect your home during the winter.   Fall Maintenance Tips & Checklist  provides lots of information on home maintenace in the autumn. That’s when you check your windows and doors for leaks. Clean the fireplace and inspect the furnace.



Fall Maintenance Checklist




Today let’s do a quick review of your exterior home maintenance.



The Outside Structure


One of the roles of a home’s exterior besides improving curb appeal is protecting your property. Changing seasons and fluctuating temperatures can adversely affect your home’s outside structure. When the temperatures rise, power wash the exterior. However, don’t do this if your home is made of bricks. Instead, hire a professional to clean the bricks every few decades. You can also replace the outside tap if it freezes during the winter with an antifreeze tap to save a few dollars in the long run.



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Pathway and Patio Maintenance



You may notice that the quality of your pathways and patio begin to deteriorate after some time. It could be due to normal wear and tear caused by age. The quality of patio and pathways deteriorates faster in colder areas because of the extreme temperature changes. Fortunately, you can maintain your patio annually to retain its quality. You can achieve this by pressure washing pathways and patio to look as good as new.



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Gutter and Downspouts Maintenance


Downspouts and gutters often get clogged with leaves and soil particles. Consequently, rainwater overflows, which causes costly repairs. Regularly clean your gutters to prevent water damage and gutter degradation. Ideally, it’s wise to clean gutters and downspouts during fall and spring. Homeowners should also check gutters, especially wooden ones, monthly for animal manifestation. Inspect fascia boards for carpenter bee’s invasion, especially during the winter and spring seasons. Carpenter bee damage can be costly, especially when the bees expand their tunnels or find new ones on your fascia boards. Carpenter bees frighten people, and the female bees can sting.


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Trees and Lawn Maintenance



If your home has trees, it would be wise to hire an expert to inspect for any dead branches or signs of illness. Tree maintenance helps to catch problems before they worsen and kill a tree. As part of lawn maintenance, remember to reseed and fill in bald patches before the summer. Remember to water your perennials. Fertilize the lawn during the spring season when the grass is bright green.



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Siding Maintenance


Homeowners often overlook this aspect of exterior home maintenance. Different types of siding require different kinds of maintenance. It would be best if you inspect your siding for cracks or other forms of damage at least once annually. Maintain wood siding by treating it every four years for protection against elements that can damage it. Vinyl siding can significantly benefit from a power wash annually.


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If you plan to prepare your home for sale or live in your home for a long time, this exterior home maintenance guidance will be of great help. The checklist will give your home the chance to stand strong for generations. The best part is that it shouldn’t take you more than two days to inspect your home’s exterior.



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