Blue Sky & Clouds

Have you ever had to stop the car because the sky is unbelievably beautiful?  This particular day I had my camera and parked to quickly try to capture the moment.






One of the things I love about Florida is the skies of blue and all the ways the clouds appear.  The sunny days make me happy and the skies intrigue me.






I hope you enjoyed sharing these attempts to capture the beauty of the sky.














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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

31 thoughts to “Blue Sky & Clouds”

  1. These days we see puffy clouds like yours after a good rain, and those seem to get fewer as I get older. So it makes me happy to see them in great photos like yours. Thank you. 🙂

    1. I fondly remember the blue skies of Florida growing up in Tampa. We moved to CO recently and the clouds are very different. Long, stacked, striated, very colorful too. The sunsets are amazing. A different blue from Florida, still my favorite sky. They were light gray in MD most of the time. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. Clouds are fascinating … you can fly through them, and the wind can blow them around, and yet they can have very distinct shapes – go figure!

  3. Thanks for sharing your blue skies with us, Carol. We are having several gray days in a row. I am ready for some blue skies and sunshine!

      1. Yes! I too love to look at the sky. I dont stop the car though, but admire them at the red light, or if I’m out on the streets or park I stare as long as possible.

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