3 Ways Boost Your Mind And Body This Winter

Winter feels like a welcome change of pace after the heat of Summer. There’s so much seasonal beauty to get excited about; cosy nights by the fire, golden leaves to crunch underfoot and comfort food! But it can be a difficult season too. With the days getting shorter and darker, it can be harder to get ourselves up and excited for the day ahead. We’re going to take a look at a few ways to boost your body and mind through the cold season, so you’re ready to conquer even the darkest of days.  





Winter Crop


A sure way to make anyone feel better is through the comfort of food. It’s time to embrace the season and make the most of winter harvest. There are so many colourful options that have significant benefits for our bodies. Go for leafy greens like kale, that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Or stick with an old favorite like the underappreciated carrot; when harvested in winter, carrots are even sweeter and just as nutritious. The list goes on; from parsnips and red cabbage to swiss chard and radishes. 



Photo via Comfort Spring



Why not really embrace the cosy season and whip up a winter soup? It’s an easy way to get loads of nutrition and get into the spirit of an upbeat Winter. If you’d like to try somthing new, check out Delicious Magazine’s winter soup recipes.




Photo via Delicious Magazine




Seasonal Slump


Fall and winter can bring darker days with cloudy skies. I’ve written before about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and my need for sun. (It is one of the main reason I moved to Florida in my 20’s.)  It’s nicknamed “Winter Blues.”   Check that article for resources in dealing with feeling down in the winter. 




Photo: Comfort Spring, Winter Blues by Dr Norman Rosenthal – guide to Seasonally Affective Disorder



It’s essential to look after our bodies this time of year, but never forget to look after your mind too. While really trying to embrace the season can go miles to helping us feel better, using meditation and calming tools also help to recentre ourselves. It’s all about a bit of self-care!


If you’re looking to treat yourself to some luxury, then try something like a NAD treatment that’ll give a much-needed boost of energy. We know that unlocking the key to more energy improves our mood too.  This can also be done by setting out a strict sleep schedule. Sounds simple but can make all the difference. 



Skin Love



Making the extra effort to look after our skin through summer is important. But it’s just as necessary to continue that skincare gusto through the winter months too. The cold and dry air this time of year sucks the moisture out, leaving skin dry and irritated.  Try a home spa day with a brown sugar-oatmeal body scrub.   it on.  Don’t forget your feet as I discussed last week.  For more foot care information, see Winter Foot Care TipsGo for a heavier moisturiser and lather it on.



Go green and make your own beauty products, store in glass bottles.




If you don’t like making your own skin products, there are lots of great companies that offer natural skincare products. You can also easily help out by drinking lots of water and eating berries and citrus fruit that are high in antioxidants. Don’t forget to look after your hair too. It can feel a little lacklustre and needs all the love it can get.  







In the end, these are just a few ways to show yourself a bit of love when you most need it. But the best way to get through winter is to get outside. Make the same effort to escape out into nature as you would through the summer. There’s still loads of ways to find joy if you really embrace this time of year, and being out amongst it is the surest way to do that. Where there’s joy, there’s happiness, and that’ll get you through the difficult times whenever they appear.












This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.


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  1. Hello,
    I do not enjoy winter, I actually hope the days and months fly by quickly. Great suggestions and recipes.
    The soup looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. Take care, wishing you a great weekend!

  2. Carol,
    Great post!! I actually love this time of year…I love that it gets dark earlier so that I can enjoy all my ambient lighting….I do have a thing for lamps!! LOL!! I love the way the house feels in the evenings….warm and cozy and I love the colder weather…I do so much better physically in the colder weather…..
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

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