6 Simple Ways To Shake Up Your Style

Changing your look doesn’t have to mean transforming your signature style or throwing out your existing wardrobe. In fact, there are surprisingly simple ways you can give yourself a makeover without taking things to the extreme. If you’re looking for hassle-free ways to shake up your style, take a look at these top tips now:


  1. Try a new hair style or color


Changing your hairstyle is one beauty trick that can transform your entire appearance.  A new hair color is an excellent way to change things up a little. If you’re looking for a subtle change, then opt for a color that’s just one or two shades different from your natural hair. A temporary or semi-permanent color will give you the chance to experiment with a range of shades before you decide whether or not to make the change permanent.  Another way to experiment is to add highlights to your hair.  This is a more subtle, permanent change which lasts until the hair grows out.  Allure has an excellent article on How To Highlight Your Hair At Home.



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  1. Smile a little brighter


Nothing knocks your confidence like dull, discolored teeth.  Don’t let a little staining hold you back. A trip to your dentist means you can transform your teeth with professional whitening, but this may not be necessary for minor imperfections. Sometimes, a whitening or charcoal toothpaste is all it takes to get your teeth gleaming again.  Before you spend a lot of money or try harsh chemicals, think of more natural solutions. Healthline has a great post discussing 6 Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home.


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  1. Wear different glasses


If you wear glasses, then you probably wear the same pair every day. To shake up your style, treat yourself, and order new glasses online. With thousands of frames to choose from, you can use try them on virtually to find the perfect fit. It’s amazing how simply changing your glasses, changes your look.



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  1. Grow your hair


If a haircut can transform your appearance, then so can growing it. Of course, you won’t want to wait months to start rocking your new look. With clip-in hair extensions, you can increase the length of your hair in seconds. Whether you’re going for long, curly waves or mid-length, poker-straight tresses, extensions give you the flexibility to wear your hair any way you choose. Perhaps you don’t want to grow your hair long, but enjoy having long hair for special events. If you have fine straight hair like mine, I love the added fullness a few extensions add.  They are affordable and readily available.



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  1. Style your outfits digitally


If you want to make the most of your wardrobe, start styling your outfits digitally. Most of us end up wearing the same things again and again, simply because it’s easy to grab an outfit you feel comfortable in. By using digital tools to create effortless looks, however, you’ll feel more confident combining different pieces, colors, and trends. There are numerous apps available online.  Fueled.com choose Stylebook as the best outfit planner app.  Do a search online and read up to make your own choice. 


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  1. Wear statement jewelry


Accessories are arguably the quickest way to transform your style, so don’t hesitate to enhance your outfit with belts, sunglasses, and hats. However, statement jewelry can be the easiest and most effective choice. From large pendants to a wrist full of bangles, statement jewelry catches the eye and pulls an outfit together into an ensemble.




Embracing Your Inner Stylist…


If you feel self-conscious trying out a new style, you’re not alone. However, don’t let this stop you from embracing your inner stylist. By trying new looks at home and taking selfies, you can get comfortable with your new style before you share it with the world.


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  1. I have been experimenting with my hair for the last 6 months or so. I’ve been red, pink and at the moment Blue. It’s a fab way to change my look.
    Great ideas x

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