4 Wellness Goals To Boost Your Health

We’re all so busy in our lives, it’s easy to put our health needs on a back burner. With families to care for, job responsibilities and financial concerns, making goals for wellness can be delayed.  Let’s look at 4 goals that can help you boost your health.


1 . Get Started With Yoga



  Most of us know that exercise raises our endorphin levels which makes us feel happier, (not to mention the awesome physical benefits).   When it comes to wellness, yoga is the very best exercise you can do, but it’s more than just a form of exercise.  It’s a way of existing in the world.  A way of being, so to speak.  You’ll learn to calm your mind, de-stress and learn about mindfulness. As for the physical health benefits, you’ll improve your posture, cardiovascular health, increase strength and become more flexible. To support your journey try apps such as Glo or the Daily Yoga app. To create the perfect morning routine, yoga is just what you need.



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2. Develop Your Cooking Skills


  Improving your cooking skills is a fantastic wellness goal. When you learn new recipes, you’ll learn more about nutrition, take pride in your health, and boost your confidence. Food is the key to wellness, and it’s all about balancing health foods with occasional treats. Sounds simple, (but of course we all know it’s not always the case). To learn some tasty new recipes, try these health food apps:  

  • Green Kitchen: This is a top application to learn some tasty vegetarian recipes, whether you’re a veggie or not there are plenty of health benefits to eating more greens!


  • Epicurious: Here, you’ll find so many healthy recipes, complete with food-themed videos to inspire you. Other handy features include customizable shopping lists and seasonal search options.

  Once you’ve gained more confidence, you might even like to try making up your own recipes.    







Pear & Pomegranate Salad




3. Improve Your Financial Health



  Many of us worry about our finances and ignoring the issue only escalates things. Improving your financial health is the perfect goal to improve your wellness. There are several areas that you can focus on, including:  

  • Financial tools: There are plenty of financial tools out there that can help you to get organized. For example, check out Pigly.Com, where you’ll find some great financial calculators. You can also try budgeting apps such as Mint, or YNAB.


  • Reduce expenses: Simple but true, the only way to start saving is to review your expenses and see where you can make cutbacks. Whether it’s switching your Internet provider or shopping second-hand, there are plenty of ways to save.








4. Express More Gratitude



  As I’ve mentioned before, studies have suggested that expressing gratitude can help to improve mental health  as well as physical health. Purchase a journal and write one expression of gratitude per day. It doesn’t need to be complicated; it could be anything, from a job you are grateful for to a person, or a characteristic that you like about yourself.  See Gratitude Journal for more information and ideas.



Gratitude Journal




When setting goals, it’s essential to make them realistic for your lifestyle and to use a time frame to motivate you. I hope these ideas inspire you to make goals for your health and well being.        







This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.






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  1. Cooking is definitely one of the things that helps my mental health, gardening too. Although I’m thinking of trying yoga now winter is coming and I won’t be able to garden for a while!


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