8 Tips to Have a Great Morning Routine

Sometimes I wake up and everything seems off. I know it’s not going to be a great day. The quality of the morning often matches the quality of the day. I started thinking about what makes a good day and the difference between ok and great.  If you’re looking for ways to get your morning off to the best possible start, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you struggle to wake up or you’re a little bit groggy in the mornings, starting your morning off well is the best way to ensure you have a good day ahead. Let’s look at  8 ways to get your morning off to a good start: 




Get Yourself Into A Routine 



First thing I think you need to have a good morning is a good night’s sleep.  If you never know when you’re going to sleep and when you’re waking up, you’re going to find it incredibly hard to wake up and get on with your day. By sticking to a routine, however, you’re telling your brain that you’re going to be asleep at the same time every single day. To learn about the importance of a sleep routine  and other interesting sleep topics, visit the Sleep Foundation. I know I set an alarm for so many decades, I started waking up without a clock almost 20 years go.  My body tells me between 10 and 11 PM that I should go to sleep.  Usually before sunrise, I wake up.  I open my eyes and I know it’s a new day.  If you have trouble getting enough sleep, check out my post, Self Care: Tips To Help You Sleep Better for helpful tips.



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Start Your Day Much Earlier Than You Need To



One of the best things you can do when it comes to getting your morning off to a good start is to ensure you’re starting your day much earlier than necessary. Waking up at the last minute with just enough time to dress and maybe grab toast before you get to work, sets the tone for the day and tells your mind that you only wake up for work.  If you’re waking up with time to spare, you’re making work a part of your day rather than the reason you’re waking up. Although it may take some getting used to, it will make a huge positive impact on your overall attitude each morning. I remember 30 years ago, waking up, dressing, eating breakfast, and then sitting for about 5 to 10 minutes to listen to relaxing, meditatiive music.  Sometimes I read a Bible verse too.  I then left for work relaxed and ready to face traffic and a hectic day. Make your wake up time part of the routine with a few extra minutes that you can use to fuel your mind and heart.







Don’t Snooze Your Alarm



Although it may be tempting, snoozing your alarm is not the best way to start your morning as you’re constantly interrupting your sleep. If you think it’s going to take you a lot longer to wake up in the morning, the best thing to do is to set your alarm earlier. If you can wake up naturally without an alarm, that’s definitely something you should consider too. I consider waking up naturally one of the greatest gifts of late life and retirement. 







Drink Water As Soon As Your Wake Up



Another tip you may want to bear in mind is that you should be drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up. After hopefully 8 hours without fluids, you are slightly dehydrated.  Not only does drinking water help you wake up, but it also helps kick start your metabolism for the day. Your body is probably telling you to go the bathroom.  I do and then immediately go for a glass of water.  If it helps, definitely consider having a glass of water next to your bed so you can grab it in the morning to drink straight away. I did that the last few years I worked.  If not, head downstairs and pour yourself a glass as soon as you can. Remember your body needs water to function properly. (Coffee, tea, and soft drinks do not count.)  






Let Natural Light In



Although this isn’t suitable for everyone, letting natural light into your room is a great way to wake yourself up without an alarm. Obviously, this depends on the timing of the sun rising, but during those months where it aligns perfectly with your schedule, you should aim to wake yourself up using natural light. For those who experience difficulty sleeping, lack of light may be necessary to fall asleep.  In that case,  check out the latest timed alarm clocks with wake up light that simulates sunrise.  It comes with a choice of light colors, duel alarm with choice of sounds.  Many will also work with Alexa.  I wish this had been available decades ago.  I did HATE the sound of the alarm clock.



Amazon LBell Wake Up Light




Don’t Spend Time Checking Your Phone



Once you’re awake, it’s definitely tempting to pick your phone up and start checking it.  This can be incredibly distracting and before you know it, you will have spent an hour or so scrolling through your phone before you have gotten out of bed. While that may be okay for some, it’s not a productive way to spend the first hour of your day. If you can help it, don’t check your phone until you are up and ready. 






Exercise When You Get Out Of Bed



Another great way to start off your day is to exercise when you get out of bed. I always like doing a few stretching exercises reaching for the ceiling and moving my limbs.  A friend always takes a quick walk in the neighborhood.  Whatever you choose, exercising as soon as you wake up is a good way to loosen up your muscles for the day. Care As One has a great 10 minute senior stretching routine; check it out for the best senior stretches








Start Your Day With Journaling 



Finally, you’ve probably heard about the great things journaling can do for you. I’ve talked before about using a gratitude journal, but really a general journal is also effective. Maybe you’ve even considered doing it. Setting aside some dedicated time to meditate on and write about your life—and your job—can not only help you keep a record of your day-to-day and keep track of things you want to remember, but can actually help you deal with tough situations, think toward the future, dig up new ideas, and more. The Muse has a fascinating post, 6 Ways Journaling Can Help Your Career.    You can journal morning, noon, or evening.  Perhaps for you, journaling is a great way to start your day off!  







With lots of great ways to ensure you’re getting your morning off to a good start, you can be sure you’re ready for the day ahead of you. What else could you do? Did I miss anything off of the list? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.





This is a collateral post but all opinons are my own.  Photos via Pixabay.com


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10 thoughts to “8 Tips to Have a Great Morning Routine”

  1. Routines helped me when I had four small children; all born within 5 years and 1 month. Nowadays I try and relax a bit but a routine is definitely a big help.

    1. I can imagine the need for a routine with 4 small children. Even though I’m retired, I like my evening and morning routine, subject to other needs and appointments.

  2. I agree that a routine is so important. I drink a glass of water as soon as I get up, I walk for an hour and then I start my day. On days when I skip the walk, I’m off! Great post and very inspiring thanks

    1. You definitely have found the routine that works for you. Sounds like your body is very happy with that walk each morning.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I love mornings, and I definitely have a morning routine. I don’t have an internal alarm clock like you do though, that would be awesome! Perhaps sleeping at a certain time would help. =)

    1. I’m probably older than you Kari. I didn’t have an internal clock in my 40’s or early 50’s. It seemed to come in my late 50’s. I do love never using an alarm clock. If I have to get up early one morning for an appointment, I get nervous about over sleeping and then am awake by 4 am. Silly isn’t it? Thanks for the visit!

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